Yogibo Max

The Yogibo Max is the only furniture on the market to fully conform to the user’s body with zero pressure points! Can be a bed, a recliner, a chair, a sofa, you name it!

  • · Comfortable: The Max is the only furniture on the market that totally conforms to your body with zero pressure points!
  • · Versatile: The Max fits to your needs. A chair for gaming, a recliner for reading, a sofa or a bed!
  • · Portable - Takes up less than 4 sq ft when stored on end.
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*Color Choice:
  •   Cream
  •   Pink
  •   Red
  •   Burgundy
  •   Orange
  •   Yellow Camel
  •   Celtic Green
  •   Green
  •   Turquoise
  •   Blue
  •   Bright Purple
  •   Purple
  •   Black
  •   Dark Gray
  •   Light Gray
  •   Brown
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“Comfortable, easy to transports, inexpensive, and basically, makes ideal lounge furniture.” -Geek.com 
“The supreme bean bag chair to which all other should now be compared” - The Gadgeteer 
The Yogibo Max is our flagship item, the most popular, well known product we’ve made! It’s not only an incredibly comfy, versatile bean bag chair, but also a bean bag recliner, bean bag couch AND bed! Whew. So many possibilities! The Yogibo Max is perfect for long gaming sessions, movie nights, afternoons in with a good book, or a comfy extra bed. The Max can accommodate up to 4 people at once, and when you need to make room? Just stand it up and put it in a corner, it takes up less than 4 feet of space when stood up and weighs 19 pounds. Our near-frictionless beads and washable, interchangeable covers completely conform to your body so you’ll always find that special comfy position. This also reduces pressure points and creates a “cocoon of coziness”. This helps to make it perfect for pregnant women, individuals with back issues, and its frequently used as a therapeutic piece for people with sensory processing issues. What’re you waiting for? Get in on the awesomeness!

Cover Materials: Cotton/Spandex Blend

Inner Cover Materials: Polyester/ Spandex Blend

  • Cover Materials:
    Cotton / Spandex Blend
  • Removable Outer Cover:
  • Inner Cover Materials:
    Polyester / Spandex Blend
  • Filling Material:
    Special Microbeads
  • Dimensions:
    6 X 2 X 2 Feet
  • Cleaning:
    Zip off outer cover and wash in cold water with like colors. Tumble-dry low.
  • Warranty:
    1 Year
  • Item Weight:
    19 Pounds

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ygibo max is great
By b

Its ability to match the shape of your body as you sit in it is incredible. The soft, mushy-ness is so comfortable. The price might not be great, but the yogibo definitely is!

(Posted on 1/23/2016)
This Yogibo is worth the gift.
By I love this Yogibo

I have been asking for this Yogibo since my birthday and I got it for Christmas. It is very comfy and soft. Some people claim that the beads inside are noisy. They are only noisy if you pay attention to them. The mind works that way. If you are looking to get one, it will make the person really happy. It calms people with autism down. I think the Yogibo is a bit over priced but I think it's worth it.

(Posted on 12/25/2015)
By Ange and madog3

fun, awsome, amazing,
the price is a little high

(Posted on 11/25/2015)
bean bag
By higuy


(Posted on 11/23/2015)
Comfy Comfy
By Kai

So I got one of these after I tried it out at NYCC. And for the past couple of years I've used it as my comfy place to hang when I watch TV. It's easy to wash the outer cover. And the material is comfy. The beans move and make some noise when you sit or when you lay down but that really doesn't bother me. Sinking in and having it conform to my body is just wonderful. I got soda on it though. Talked to their live chat and found out I could hose it off outside and let it sit in the sun. Well since I was worried about ants getting on it, I hosed it off in the shower and the soda washed away with the water. The beads don't absorb the water and the white inner cover doesn't' seem to hold the dirt either. However, since I didn't want to take it outside, I had a fan on it for several days moving around the beans regularly to get the water to the air. Eventually it got dry. And well, while it took some time, this was far easier to me than replacing all the beans or trying to figure out what to do with a foam filled chair. Just recently I've purchased replacement beads because it's now losing some of it's puff. I'm not that big of person so I am sure mileage varies on compression of beads due to weight. Although, the beads inside still are comfy and I can mix the new beads with the old if I desire.

As far as me resting on it, I love it. My back feels really good resting on the chair. It's easy to put in other positions to sit with my laptop or just lounge. I have slept on it without issue. Sometimes I have to roll myself off of it because I've gotten to comfy. You can't just bounce out of the chair. But no matter. It's a bean bag and has no springs. Hahah. Price wise I think it is a little expensive at full price but I got mine when there was a coupon available. That helped. Overall, better to deal with than a couch or regular chair. I can move it out of the way when I want, clean it when I want and refill it. So maybe the value for me is really good compared to the cost of a couch or other furniture. It does the job that I need it to do.

(Posted on 8/20/2015)

11 to 15 of 101 total

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