Yogibo Coupon Codes

Here are all of our active Yogibo Coupons for your convenience. Please note that THIS IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL LISTING OF OUR COUPONS, and we remove them as they expire. You can use any relevant codes when shopping in our site or on the phone with customer service. These offers are also valid in any of our Yogibo stores, but you don't need to know the codes. Our staff will be happy to help get you the best deal possible.

Bean Bag Coupons

*Shipping and tax is not factored into the MINILOUNGE codes. Cart must equal the amount in products in order to qualify. 

Coupon Code: MINILOUNGE20
Coupon Action: Save 20% on orders over $1000
Expiration Date: Expires 4/5/20

*MINILOUNGE codes do not apply to Modju Couch, sale items, gift cards, or licensed products.*

Coupon Code: MINILOUNGE15
Coupon Action: Save 15% on orders over $750
Expiration Date: Expires 4/5/20

Coupon Code: MINILOUNGE10
Coupon Action: Save 10% on orders over $500
Expiration Date: Expires 4/5/20

Coupon Action: Save 25% on additional covers
Expiration Date: Expires 4/5/20

Only 1 Coupon is Applicable to Each Order at a Time. Items that are reduced or on sale are NOT eligible for coupon discounting. If more than 1 Coupon is eligible try all until lowest Final Price is Found.

To redeem Online: Type the coupon code in the "Discount/Gift Card Code" box in the shopping cart or checkout page. Then press "Apply Coupon". Please complete the order before the expiration date.

To redeem at an Official Yogibo Store, simply mention the offer to a sales associate before the expiration date and they will take it from there.

To redeem by phone: Please call (877) YOGIBO-6. Please give the customer service associate your order and tell them the coupon code you would like to apply to your order.