28 Cozy Things You Need for Your Bedroom

The Yogibo Roll takes body pillows to the next level.

The Best Bean Bag Chair for Gaming

This bag chair is well-respected for its ability to conform to your body shape for super cozy comfort no matter what you’re doing.

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Shut Up and Take My Money!

Consider Yogibo the next generation of bean bag chairs!

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This is Not Your Father's Beanbag

Yogibo CEO Eyal Levy is interviewed on Bloomberg Business's "Market Makers".

Yogibo Is A Big Hit in Japan

CEO Eyal Levy is interviewed on the success of Japan, and betting on becoming a global success.

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Gear Lab Gift Guide

The king-size Yogibo Max beanbag is the ideal lounger for watching TV or nodding off.

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Perfect Holiday Gifts for College Students

Here is help and back support for students who read and study on their beds.

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Bean Bags Are Back

Yogibo bean bags definitely defy the tacky stereotypes of their out-of-date ancestors.

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23 Ridiculously Cool Toys That Kids And Adults Will Enjoy

A giant beanbag with an awesome hairdo.

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Kym's Bonfire Bonanza

Yogibos are furniture transformers. No other single piece of furniture conforms to your body, and to every whim, just by making a few simple adjustments.

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Great Gadgets & Gear for Back to School

This modern day bean bag envelops anyone sitting in it in comfort and is perfect for reading, studying, napping or debating the differences between Aristotle and Plato.

12 Cuddly Products That Make Every Lazy Person's Dreams Come True

(An) incredibly soft and squishy body pillow you won't want to let go of.

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The Perfect Dorm Room...For Grown-ups

The Yogibo Max is the spiffy sports car of the bean bag set. In all, quite possibly the most comfortable non-chair I’ve ever lounged in.

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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Sitting in one is an experience unlike any other “casual chair,” and you’ll quickly need one in your life. Especially if you spend any time in front of a TV, playing video games, reading, or just lounging around.

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18 Products that Make Our Life Better

Though it’s a bean-bag style, the material conforms better than typical bean-bag chairs better maintaining the shapes and positions you put them in.

Autism Parenting Magazine
Using Beanbags for Sensory Soothing

The Yogibo Max or Midi is a must have for autistic children.

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2015 Fox Holiday Gift Guide

The future of bean bags, super supportive and crazy comfortable.

The Gadgeteer Yogibo Bean Bag Review
Yogibo Max Product Review

I have found the supreme bean bag chair to which all other bean bag chairs should now be compared… it’s the Yogibo Max.

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Maxwell Daily Pick

Yogibo bags are remarkably comfortable, stretchable and fun to sit in.

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10 Best Dorm Room Products

The perfect impromptu chair or mattress for guests!

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Luxe List: How to Deck Out Your Dorm Room

It's a super versatile bean bag that's perfect for any dorm room.

Must have NFL Gear
ESPN Must Have Gear

The ultimate viewing vehicle -- it can be a recliner, bed or even a couch that can seat four ... Amazing support and comfort for the duration of the game.

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Family Spaces

March 2016 Issue - Swap the rocker for a bean bag.

Cool, Weird and Useful Ways to Improve Your Home

Yogibos are giant bean bag chairs, only they don’t shift all their beans away from your butt and leave you sitting on the floor surrounded by a puff, like most bean bag chairs do. They’re actually really comfortable.

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Cushion and Protect Your Tablet with Yogibo

The Tablo X Tablet Stand from Yogibo is a great way to support your tablet and your head.

College News
Yogibo makes sure you will be comfortable in your dorm.

If you’re looking for a seat for gaming, studying, reading, writing, browsing Facebook, or just watching television, the Max is it.

Her Campus Yogibo Article
The Coolest Dorm Lounge Bag

he Yogibo really is incredible. You get one product that serves all these different functions in your dorm room, rather than having to buy a chair, a couch, a futon, etc.

New Hampshire Magazine
Best of NH 2014 Shops & Services

A finer bead filling and a more resilient casing allows them to assume just about any posture the user finds most comfortable. They come is delightful candy colors and a variety of sizes and shapes

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Not your Average Beanbag

Unlike the traditional beanbag, the Yogibo reinvents itself with every curve and every use – accommodating finicky lounge bag enthusiasts.