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  1. Lift 2.0
    Lift 2.0

    Adaptable coffee table

    As low as $139.00
  2. Yogibo Ottoman
    Yogibo Ottoman

    Comfy footrest or mini seat

    As low as $99.00
  3. Capsule Plant Vase
    Capsule Plant Vase

    Chic Yogibo terrariums

    As low as $39.00
  4. Shuaze Coffee Table
    Shuaze Coffee Table

    Modern, durable design.

  5. Oled Coffee Table
    Oled Coffee Table

    Minimalist, rectangular design

    Special Price $150.00 Regular Price $200.00
  6. Kaba Coffee Table
    Kaba Coffee Table

    Unique & chic!

    Special Price $150.00 Regular Price $200.00
  7. YogiBox Lift Max
    YogiBox Lift Max

    The perfect base for your Max!

    As low as $199.00
  8. YogiBox Lift Mini
    YogiBox Lift Mini

    The perfect base for your Mini!

    As low as $69.00
  9. Sleepybo Sleeping Pillow
    Sleepybo Sleeping Pillow

    A one of a kind sleep experience!

    As low as $69.00
  10. Yogibox Grande
    Yogibox Grande

    A table, storage & style all in one!

    As low as $75.00
  11. Cozybo - Cotton Blanket

    Wrap yourself in awesome!

    As low as $79.00

11 Items

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