Custom branding Have you hugged your brand today?

Yogibos have been known to cause a stir. With our line of unique products in eye catching colors it is hard to walk by one without wanting to get a closer look. From the smallest Tablo all the way up to the Yogibo Max (and especially Hugibo) we constantly hear “What is that?” and “How does this work?” We love the customer engagement - and once a Yogibo is tried it’s loved.

Is your company looking for a unique and memorable way to spread holiday cheer to your customers while increasing brand awareness? We’ve got THE answer for you. Take the ahhhh-mazing awesomeness of Yogibo and make it yours. We are now offering 27 products that you can customize with your logo, brand messaging or custom design! Many products, from the YogiboNap to the Yogibo Double. Your customers are going to get a lot of gifts this year, let us help you stand out from the crowd with a gift they can’t resist using.

But wait there’s more. You can also use Yogibos to improve employee comfort and morale. We all know the holiday season can be difficult for employees. From long hours and busy days to grouchy customers - your employees are your company’s first line. Show how much you appreciate their hard work and give them a treat they will use year round! Around here we believe a happy staff makes a happy company, so spruce up your break room and give your employees a chance to truly relax with a couple Yogibo Doubles. Or if they have been really good this year pass on the love by giving them branded Heart Pillows!

All product information, pricing and other details can be conveniently found at Designed specifically for this service, the site is easy to navigate and has all the information you need to create your own customized awesomeness. To check out more about Yogibo and see our full line of products, visit or give us a call for any question at 877-964-4266

Don’t let the grinch get you down and think outside the box to turn this holiday season into your best!