The holiday season is upon us and we all know what that means— food, family, fun…and stress! With out-of-town guests flocking to your home you might be asking yourself "Where am I going to put everyone?", "Why did I agree to host this year’s festivities?", "How can I make my house comfortable for everyone?" Bringing in extra seating is expensive, bulky and the options are limited. Not anymore...

Yogibo has the solution. With all those extra house guests it’s the perfect time to invest in some Yogibo comfort. We've made it easy with our new Yogibo Lounge Set, it's nine pieces for $999.00. The lounge set includes 2 Yogi Maxes, 1 Yogi Midi, 2 Yogi Minis, 2 rolls and 2 supports. This means you can seat twelve and sleep three. You can stack the pieces to make extra couches, use them individually as recliners, beds or chairs…the possibilities are endless. This versatility makes them perfect for the holidays; whether your family is large or small… Everyone will be able to find a spot of relaxation in your home. And when you purchase the Yogibo Lounge Set you save, basically getting a Yogi Max for free with enough left over to make your holiday meal truly special.

We can’t help you cook your holiday meal but we can give you a place to put everyone once they’re full. And once the festivities are over, Yogibos stand-up out of the way in surprisingly little space. After all your cooking and cleaning you will have the best place to relax and put your feet up, forget the stress and start gearing up for next year.

The Yogibo Lounge set is the perfect solution year round for holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years, summertime and birthday party sleepovers. The Yogibo Lounge Set will give your family the most comfortable holiday ever. Visit our website at www.yogibo.com and use coupon code LOUNGESET12 to receive 20% off orders over $1000. Let’s get the party started!