Wow. It’s already Thanksgiving AND it’s already FREEZING! We’re here in New Hampshire waiting outside for our car to defrost before we get in, and wouldn’t you know it we’re just so darn happy and thankful for how crazy awesome this past year has been!
We want to give a HUGE thank you to all of our business partners, who work tirelessly and incredibly hard to make sure our awesomeness gets to all of our fans and friends across the globe. We also want to thank our NEWEST business partners in Korea where we just opened our newest store (and first Korean store!). Thanks guys for being so amazing!
CEO Eyal Levy at opening day for the first Korean Store!
We’re especially thankful for the dynamite team of warehouse workers, finance friends and customer service folks that are here at Yogibo HQ in Nashua, NH. They’re working around the clock to make sure all of the product gets to your hands as soon as possible. We aren't messing around when we say we just wouldn’t be able to do it without ‘em!
And last we want to take a second to thank all of you reading this. Our customers, fans, friends and everyone in between. You have all been so incredible in helping us go from a small out-of-the-basement project into the now 50 stores worldwide that we are. We wouldn’t be quite as happy and awesome if it wasn’t for all of you so here’s to you! Have a wonderful, relaxing, and safe Thanksgiving.