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One of the reasons our products are so popular with the gaming crowd is that unlike expensive and overpriced computer chairs or "gaming chairs", our bags are so modular. Want to sit upright and lean forward to focus during your next online shooter match? Bingo. Want to just recline and kick those feet up and just putz around stealing cars in Grand Theft Auto 5? Gotcha. The possibilities are so varied! This is why we always make sure we're in attendance and rocking it at PAX East, one of the largest gaming conventions in the country! Now that the dust (and snow) have settled and we're back at our HQ, we really need to take a look back at all the awesome that happened at THIS year's Pax East.


Yep...we're talking upwards of 70,000+ people in attendance! WOA, NELLY!

PAX4 Yes...if you look hard enough you actually CAN see a Waldo cosplayer

The show had everything from gaming, panel discussion, competitions, tabletops, mascots, giveaways, we could go on and ON. But one of our favorite parts? All the wicked awesome COSPLAY and how these party animals got some much needed chill and relaxation at our booths. We're talking Mario, Link, Tracer from Overwatch, a couple demons from the upcoming Little Nightmares, chimichanga-totin' Deadpool, one or two Wolverines, and a myriad of other awesome peeps.

PAX1 A fierce competition
PAX2 We even got to try out a few attendees Nintendo Switch so...THAT'S A WIN!
PAX5 Jason even took a break killing camp counselors to kill time with US!
PAX6 Games...



And if all that jazz 'aint cool enough, we also took home the "Best of Pax 2017" award for our two awesome booths. Isn't that a nice feather to put in the cap!

Best of PAX

We truly had so much fun meeting new people, welcoming new members to the Yogibo family, and getting to be humbled by all the awesome personal experiences and friendships we made. Can't wait to keep on gaming with you during the rest of 2017!