college-news-article-300-240How many products can be a couch, a chair, a bed, weigh less than 20 pounds, and STILL fit into a tiny college dorm room? We couldn’t think of any either, so we created Yogibo!

To most people a dorm room would be way too small to ever house any additional, never mind comfortable, furniture for personal use. All of that has now changed with the introduction of Yogibo. The new generation of bean bags replaces the old, sticky vinyl ones many of your parents were accustomed to using. Yogibo products are made from super-comfy, cotton-lycra fabric that stretches and moves with you. It feels luxurious against your skin and combined with the near-frictionless beads it completely molds to your body, making Yogibo “shockingly comfortable”.

The most sought after product in the Yogibo line is the Yogi Max. The flexibility of a Yogi Max allows for easy transitions from couch (seating for you and two friends), to recliner, to gamer chair, and even an impromptu bed for those unexpected overnight visitors. The best feature about the Yogi Max is how little space it takes when it’s not in use. When stood upright, the Yogi Max will only occupy 4 square feet of space in your dorm room.

Another great product from Yogibo that should be in every college dorm room is the Yogi Support, a wrap-around support system for your back. The Yogi Support is perfect for any dorm room bed and will amaze you at how little it weighs, making it easy to take along for the ride. A great companion to the Yogi Support is the Yogi Mini, which is a smaller version of the Yogi Max. The Yogi Mini is the perfect solution for students who love their Yogi Max at home, but want something even easier to tuck away when not in use at school. Place the Yogi Support on top of the Mini for a super-comfy mini-lounger!

The exclusive line of Yogibo products doesn’t stop there either. Yogibo also features terrific accessories to fill out the rest of your dorm room. Need a portable viewing stand for your tablet? Try the Tablo, which allows you to free up your hands when using your favorite tablet. Best of all, it will fit most tablets with a 13” diagonal or smaller and is remarkably affordable.

Another option for those needing extra storage in a dorm room is the YogiBox. We all love products that can do more than one thing and make life easier! A table, an ottoman and storage - the YogiBox has it all! The YogiBox is padded on all sides, and the lid features extra padding for Yogibo comfort. The lid flips over to reveal a tray which can carry your snacks and drinks, and the inside of the YogiBox can be used to store any of your accessories out of sight.

The entire line of Yogibo products are so comfortable and perfect for your dorm room needs, you won’t want to go to college without it. Yogibo features numerous color options as well as machine washable materials. After looking through the complete line of Yogibo products, you are sure to find a Yogibo that will fit your space and your college dorm room needs.