Well, it's that time of year again! SPRING TIME! Yeah, yeah...technically we have 22 more days as of writing this but here at Yogibo HQ we're stoked and we don't care what the man says about the actual first day. So stick that in your garden and grow it! With Spring also comes the obvious Spring Cleaning and it doesn't always mean scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees. A large part of Spring Cleaning means just straight up reorganizing the way your home is laid out. During the Winter months we use a lot more blankets, all the windows and doors are shut and we tend to close in on ourselves. With Spring comes rejuvenation and the opportunity to try something NEW. You listened to nothing but hardcore screamo metal during the Winter months? Swap out that death metal and start jamming to some Michael Bolton. Stopped making your own dinners and essentially lived at the Applebee's down the street? Experiment with vegetables and make a salad out of nothing but Bok Choy and soy beans! Basically, let's just switch things up, get green and get creative.

This year when the time comes to reorganize your favorite room or add a touch of the creative to a bedroom, go with the modular, adaptable furniture that we offer. You and your home will thank us later. Let's check out some of our most popular seating combinations, shall we?

The Yogibo Lounger is the perfect curved seater for those that want a bit more upright seating. Combine this with the comfort and durability of our new Ottoman and you've got a combination that's guaranteed to impress. The Lounger has been super popular with the gaming community and what's the one thing when it comes to gaming and comfort we can all agree on? You need somewhere to rest the controller or kick up your feet and that's where the Ottoman comes into play. It has a no-skid bottom so it's not going anywhere when you set it down. This combination is a surefire addition to either the gaming room or the living room.

The Yogibo Pod X and the Support are two of the most popular items we've ever released. The Pod X is a one seater that literally feels like you're floating on a cloud in zero gravity. It's pure comfort personified for your spine, your tush, and it sinks just right so you feel supported and hugged. Add to that the back and lumbar lovin' from the Support and you've got two tickets to paradise. This combination tends to be the most popular in the bedroom and the living room, usually wherever folks like to watch TV the most. When the Support is added to the Pod X it transforms from a lumbar and back support cushion to a moldable, adaptable armrest. The chic, new age look to these two pieces also help to accentuate the angular aspects of the rooms they're situated in so in addition to the insane comfort you're getting, you're getting a little bit of redecorating chi. You'll be a relaxation Yogi in no time.

Spring means we're one step closer to Summer and you know what Summer means? Tentpole blockbuster movies at the theater! And what's one of the originators of the movie blockbuster? STAR WARS! Our Star Wars line is the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your family. We've got everything from Rebel/Empire-inspired versions of our popular furniture to mates and accessories. If you want to really ring in the Springtime, you can't go wrong with official licensed Star Wars products!


So there's just a few combinations that've never steered us wrong come Spring Renovation time. With all the changing temperatures and styles of the season, isn't it time you swapped out some of your drab furniture for something that pops? Let us know what sorts of combinations you've tried out for your living space!