After a long day you’re ready to snuggle in bed and finally find out what happens next in your book or to your favorite TV character… and then the problems begin. First, you don’t have enough pillows to make it comfy to sit up. You have to search for more pillows or wrestle them away from everyone else in the house. After ten minutes of trying to beg, borrow and steal enough pillows you have to artfully stack them so your back has enough support. Your program is beginning and you’re still fighting with the pillows. Finally you’re comfortable and that’s when the bottom pillow shifts and you have to start all over again. By the time you’re done the shows over or you can’t remember why you ever thought reading was relaxing.

It’s a frustrating cycle that makes you forget what relaxing is all about. Here to save your relaxation is the Yogi Support. The Yogi Support is a lover, not a fighter. So where as those other pillows put up a fight against your comfort the Yogi Support loves to give you just what you need to relax. Like a traditional “husband pillow” it not only has your back but your arms and elbows too. The big twist: the Yogi Support is made of the same awesome materials that other Yogibos are made of so it completely molds to your body and provides a ‘shockingly comfortable’ feeling.


Unfortunately, you can’t relax all the time. The Yogi Support knows that just because you have work to do doesn’t mean you don’t want to be comfortable. So just flip it around and create the ultimate laptop tray. Typing a ten-page paper or report never felt so good. The “arms” of the Yogi Support cushion your forearms and elbows making typing comfortable. No cramping or discomfort makes the hardest projects breeze by.

Relaxing is the last thing on a new mother's mind but the Yogi Support can help with that too. It creates a truly great nursing station giving both baby and mom the support they need to be able to enjoy and relax together. The Yogi Support is not just for the bedroom but can make every seat the best seat in the house.

The Yogi Support is a true relaxation saver. No more fighting, fussing or frustration— just the freeing comfort of true support!

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