Ever been in a meeting and one of your legs just starts tapping like a jackhammer? Sitting in school, work, at a restaurant, anywhere and you need to tap your finger? If so then you are like millions of Americans who simply don't prefer to sit still. Fidgeting!

Psychological studies have shown that certain individuals will unconsciously look for means to adjust their experiences and their environments so that they provide a certain tactile response, a stimulation. While some people like complete silence to focus, others are happy as a clam working in a busy, noisy environment.

A person who can’t stand up and walk around or go have a cup of coffee to de-stress may find it beneficial to use a fidget item to get in the right frame of mind to stay focused and calm while remaining stationary. And thus has begun the fascination with Fidget Spinners.

fidget But with so many complicated, often expensive options how to choose!?

You can look on any top ten gift list on Amazon or Google and you're guaranteed to see a Fidget Spinner, a Fidget Cube, a Fidget this, a Fidget THAT! How to know what to go with, which company is best, which product is the most decent, which one won't put your eye out like a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-Shot Range Model Air Rifle! Yogibo has had an answer to the Fidget craze for a couple years now, and it has one simple name: SQUEEZIBO

squeeziboblog The next generation of stress ball!


These little guys are unlike any stress ball you've had before! No uncomfortable sand or granule filling, no rubber outside making your hands smell, just squishy squeezy goodness inside an outer cover of our signature Yogibo fabric. Squeezibos come in a variety of colors and shapes, from solid colors to animal-themed buddies modeled after our popular Mates collection.

*Squish squish squish*

Give these little guys a squeeze and you'll never have to worry about running out of pens to chew or feet to tap.  Each of our squeezibos are $7 and you can find them in store and online. Fidget away!

Check them out here :)