Today thru Monday the 15th, we're happy to offer our Mother's Day Sale! Save 15% for mom on all merchandise both in store and online using code MOTHERSDAY 

For a lot of us, mom isn't just the person who cuts the crust off of your peanut butter and jelly sandwich or tucks you in at night after you stayed up a little too late playing video games (I mean...yeah she did that and we weren't complaining). No for most of us our mother's are the bedrock of the family. Yeah dad's cool and all and he showed us how to use the power tools and how to say certain four letter words, but MOM! Good old mom is the foundation! The one with the advice that always seems to fit so perfectly, the one who hugs you when you're crying and tells you it's going to be okay, the one who helped shape you into who you are today! I mean sure sometimes she talks too much on the phone and can't for the life of it understand memes and pop culture, but let's face the end of the day there simply is no one better than HER. For all they do for us, we at Yogibo want to wish them a SUPER AWESOME Mother's Day!

Every month brings new 8.5x11 coloring sheets and this month's was all about mom and we got some seriously awesome outpourings of love for moms. Some people want to thank their mom's for helping them with their sense of humor, some for introducing them to Barry Manilow, and others for letting them know that they're superstars in her eyes. Here's a few of the good ones we collected from some awesome customers :)


And maybe you're running a bit behind and don't have enough time to get to the store for a card? No worries, we've got you covered. Here's the template to print out for yourself!


And lastly we just want to point out a few of the items we think moms tend to like the BEST and ones we think would make great gifts for that special mom in YOUR life :)



  Stressless. It doesn't get any better than some awesome          aromatherapy breaks after a day of running around like a maniac and    we think mom will enjoy the chill break with this classic.





Cozybocozybo-turquoise_2. Because what's better than just sitting on the couch watching  Netflix and enjoying some me-time? Doing all of that underneath the  most comfortable blanket this world (and most likely any other) has ever seen!







Round Pillow. Let's face it. We're all wicked annoying and if we put a quarter away every time we got on our mom's nerves, holy cow we'd be RICH. You know what would have helped her thru all those years though? The Yogibo Round Pillow. Perfect either as a comfy throw pillow, something to rest on your lap during a movie, or something to meditate on. Just need to get to that happy place.


And those are just a few. We have a whole bracket section on our website perfect for ideas and for browsing, and we think she'll love what she sees. Just make sure you take some time to give her a hug, a kiss and let her know you think she's the bee's knees. Happy Mother's Day everyone :)