April is Autism Awareness Month, something very near and dear to our hearts here at Yogibo. When we first started out, we just wanted to redefine how people relax. We wanted to make the NEXT generation of bean bags, and that's something we knew we would accomplish in time. One of the biggest wild cards to this accomplishment we didn't see coming was the loving, incredible response from the Autism Community and those individuals with specific sensory needs.
We get emails and messages all the time about how Yogibo has affected the lives of individuals living with sensory needs and challenges, and it never fails...every time we receive a photo, a testimonial, a story, or an adventure of someone finding comfort with Yogibo it totally makes our day. Scratch that...it makes our entire WEEK!

To show our love for those families, members, friends, and anyone in this amazing and supportive community, we have a couple fun announcements!


From the 21st to the 23rd of this month we as a company will be donating 10% of ALL SALES to our friends at the Autism Society!! We're very excited about this opportunity (and if you are a family with a member on the spectrum, as always you will still receive your special Yogibo discount). Our store locations are also having a blast making each store front unique, welcoming and friendly while also honoring this incredibly tight-knit community!




Second, we have been getting a lot of requests as to specifically make mention of which of our products have been the most popular for those with sensory needs, and we're making sure we do something about that! We have now updated a special bracket on our website under the "SHOP" tab where we've put the products we think are especially beneficial for individuals seeking sensory integration. We will be updating this and editing it and making it extra shiny as time goes by, so it can grow and adapt just like our Yogibo family! We're also in the process of making printed material for our stores. These will lay out which products we think will be the most comfortable for those with sensory needs, as well as some testimonials we've received and "Why Yogibo?"  We're very excited about it! You can find the Sensory Page right here!