When you think of the color Yellow what's the first thing you think of? If you guessed the following...
R-2129949-1320969383.jpeg...then YOU my friend deserve a crisp back slap, two cans of seltzer water and a Sony Walkman because you're too cool for skool (you'll notice I used a 'k' in the word school. I'm so edgy and hip). In all actuality everyone is going to think of something totally different from the next person, there's just so many unique and personal ways that color relates to us as people. Maybe you think of a really chill alternative rock song from the early 2000's of a band that would eventually become a shadow of it's former self with new pop anthems that make me want to rub glass on my ears, maybe you think of the color of a favorite coffee cup, a summer sun, a type of beverage, who knows! This is because there's actual psychology behind color and it's called, appropriately enough, Color Psychology. Our perception and relation to color can be vastly different from how someone else perceives it. Did you ever see a sign or an advertisement that just totally bugged the heck out of you (looking at you, giant human-sized hamsters from that one car commercial). Or maybe when looking for places to rent, certain houses were just a sin to the eyes? There's a pretty good chance that color played an integral roll there, friendo.



That's why idioms like "I'm feeling blue today", "I'm so angry I'm seeing red!" and "I'm green with envy" using color aren't too far off base. There are psychological and mental reactions to colors. Warmer colors like Yellow, Red or Orange can evoke feelings of warmth, hunger and alertness...whereas colors like Blue, Purple and Green can evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. So today we're going to highlight some of the ways a warmer color scheme like Yellow with Yogibo can bring some of those new and different vibes into your life! 



So, by now you probably know about the award-winning Yogibo Max. Weighs only 14 pounds, stands just under 6 feet tall and can stretch out to around 8 feet. Goes from a chair to a couch, bed, recliner, love seat, crash pad, the whole dang 9 yards. Our new Yellow covers also happen to be SUPER popular after only being available for such a short time! Wonder why that is?

Warm colors are typically considered to be warm and inviting. Like we mentioned before, there's science behind this – because the eye focuses the cooler colors directly on the retina, they're said to be less straining on your eye muscles. Even the eyes have to skip leg day once in a while! And when it comes to good 'ol fashioned color theory, the color Yellow is suggested for rooms that you want to be hubs for communication, food and parties. Yellow is typically seen as a color that is representative of cheery moods and sunshine. So maybe a nice Yellow Yogibo Max is just the thing to bring out the sunshine in your family room or game room! Since it's easily storable without taking up tons of rooms, switching between rooms with the Max on the fly is no problem at all.

There's also some alternate effects of the color Yellow. It doesn't have to just be warm and inviting, y'know! Not everyone fancies themselves a social butterfly with a head full of cheer and happy shiny vibes. There's some other associations to Yellow as well! What we're going to do right now is list a color association with a product we think is the best representation.




The Lounger: Just the best gaming chair around. The perfect posture so no matter how hard you're getting your butt kicked online in Fortnite or whatever it is everyone's playing (I don't like hearing "your mom" jokes from 5 year olds so I never play online-only games personally). With the Lounger you're always having a good time and you know that even if you don't win this particular round, you'll win the next one. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Youthful Energy




Yogibo Roll: If there's one thing we can all admit as we get older, it's that we're not as spry as we used to be. Happens to the best of us. Sometimes at night the standard pillow just doesn't cover it and we need more consistent body-molding comfort. Enter the Yogibo roll. It's a large body pillow made with our finest beads so it molds just a little bit extra to the contours of your body while you lay down. Or combine it with the Max and it instantly becomes a comfy backing to the Max's couchness (<--Yep. We just made that word up. Whatchu gonna do about it).

Clear Thinking


The Pod X: We think the standard love seat is a thing of the past. They're often too big, too bulky, and too BLEH. Our Pod X is the perfect sized love seat for one and like all of our furniture it molds to YOUR body. It's sole purpose is to fit YOUR needs, friend! With the comfort achieved by the Pod X, you'll be able to clear the mechanism and relax with a good book or a show and tune out the noisy, busy world with ease.

So there's a few examples of how the color Yellow can be utilized to furnish your home into a regular 'ol Den of Zen. Check out Yogibo.com for all the options to deck out your abode with Yellow, Blue, and every other color in between. Until next time, friends we're signing off :)