It certainly is a stressful time the past month or so what with the Corona Virus and general unease. Many of us are working from home to prevent getting ill which means lots of kids home from school, and spouses working side by side instead of at separate jobs. So how can you utilize Yogibo furniture and accessories to make this process a bit easier on the family as a whole? Below we break down some of the products we think will be most helpful during this time period, and don't forget! We're currently offering everything 15% off and with free shipping!

Yogibo Max 

Our standby, classic award-winning bestseller! For 11 years this has been a game changer for furniture and it's a clear winner for bring some peace and relaxation when stuck at home. The Max is versatile so it changes to meet your needs! Putting a movie on in the playroom for the kids while you get some work or cleaning done? The Max can seat three on it with lots of squishy leg room. Want something a bit more easy on the lower back when you're finishing putting that keynote presentation together? The Max turns into a chair with a quick push and a fold. It's everything you want it to be and the most relaxing seat you could hope for in the home.

Traybo 2.0

Our Traybo 2.0 features a groove for your favorite tablet as well as an optional bar for laptop use. The top is made of eco-friendly bamboo and the bottom features our signature fabric and fill which makes for an incredibly comfortable lap desk when you need it. Makes working on school projects or illustrations a breeze wherever you decide to sit! We think this is a perfect accessory for those who work from home but want to sit anywhere else besides an office chair or a kitchen table.

Yogibo Ultra 

The Ultra is a huge weighted blanket, sized perfectly to lay on the areas that need weight therapy the most. Many weighted blankets on the market are just too dang big for their own good so we sized this perfectly to deliver all you need without waste. Weighted Therapy helps to reduce anxiety, calm the nerves and instill a sense of calming tranquility and let's be honest...most of us could really use all that these days! The Ultra is perfect for individuals with anxiety or nervousness that want the feeling of being hugged and held, or for those that just want a little bit of weighted comfort from their blanket.


Let's be real. We all wish we had time to nap a whole lot more than we'd like to admit. So let's take a gander at the Cozybo blanket! Cozybo is unlike any other blanket you'll find on the market. While it uses our signature soft&stretchy fabric, it has a special blend of polyester fiber inside it's square sections that give it a unique, gel-like feel. It's really unlike anything you've felt before and these fibers make it warm when you need it in the Winter, and cool when you use it in the Summer! Cozybo is the perfect thing to snuggle up under when the family is at home and watching movies, or if you just want to nap underneath something truly unique.


This pillow sold out instantly when we released it in late 2017 and for good reason! The Sleepybo is easily one of the most comfortable pillows on the market and something we're very proud of. Sleepybo features a cool-sleeping side and a warm-sleeping side thanks to different fabrics on the inner pillows sides. It also cradles the neck perfectly thanks to it's three-tiered inner layout. And when you add our signature, patented cover to the mix you won't even have time to count sheep! Sleepybo is perfect for those nights when you stay in and just feel like catching up with your old pal Mr. Sandman. We think your REM cycle will be pleased!

There's a few suggestions for you on the items that are best for making the most of working from home and adapting to this truly strange new self-distancing timeline we find ourselves in. For a limited time, all products at are 15% off and feature 100% free shipping when you use code HOME15 at checkout. But this offer won't be around too much longer so jump on it while you can. And most important! Wash those hands, stay busy and think positive. We got this, friends :)