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Weighted blankets are just what they sound like, blankets that weigh a bit more than the standard blanket. Cool, right? For a comparison, think of it like...the difference between sleeping with just a sheet (normal blanket) and sleeping with a comforter on a bed (weighted blanket). 

Still with us? Awesome, friend! So one of the reasons behind using a weighted blanket is for the...ready for it...

...the practice of Weight Therapy!

Weight Therapy's been used for quite some time in acute psychiatry with a variety of age groups and individuals. It's also widely perceived by both consumers and therapy staff as one of the most helpful of the sensory tools used by people during crisis states.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate the use of weight into daily activities, treatment sessions for specific individuals, or various stages of relaxation. One example of the therapeutic application of weight is the use guessed it, weighted blankets! So...what are weighted blankets used for?    

  Sleep Promotion 

  • The pressure and warmth of something weighted instinctly puts an individual at ease, like a down comforter in the winter when you sleep or a thick comfy blanket. It's that feeling of being swaddled that puts the user at ease. Weighted blankets have been widely known to help individuals dealing with Insomnia. D'you have memories of discovering a down comforter as a child and just wrapping yourself up into a little cocoon in it? Or maybe you used to make forts as a kid and would just curl all up in the pillows and blankets and just felt so COZY? That's the sleep promotion that all those blankets and the subsequent weight gave ya! You thought it was childlike wonder and fun? Nah, that was STRAIGHT UP SCIENCE!

    Melatonin and Serotonin Increase 

  • Melatonin and Serotonin are two of the best things in the world! Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain and intestines that acts as a sort of smoothing function for the nervous system, resulting in better moods and happiness. Melatonin is what's known as the sleep hormone, and it's produced in the Pineal Gland in the brain. When you lie down and use something that acts as a warming cover, be it a blanket or a heavy sweatshirt, this stimulates the production of melatonin by, again, putting the user at ease and in a state of comfort and peace. You thought you had to go to some new age medicine store to buy natural Melatonin where they charge you like fifteen buckaroos? Nah, friendo...that's silliness. All you need to do is wrap yourself in layers like a big 'ol comfy onion...except...y'know...without the smell. 

    Calming for those with Sensory Needs 

  • Weighted blankets are especially beneficial for individuals with sensory needs who need the tactile response of being in a safe space. If an individual is feeling uncomfortable, irritable, or unable to convey specific feelings the heart rate and breathing can become quicker resulting in tension and anxiety. It's been shown that weighted blankets can help to ease those feelings of anxiety and stress, with the blanket acting as that safe space, a hug if you will!

    Mimics a Hug

  • While we're on the topic of hugs (something very near and dear to our hearts), that's another function that weighted blankets provide so well. They feel like a comforting hug! Ever wonder why it just feels so darn awesome to give your favorite grandparent a big 'ol hug? Or why when you're having an awful day and you come home to your family one of the first things they do is hug you? Because hugs release the hormone Oxytocin into the bloodstream. Oxytocin helps to calm your heart rate and reduce blood pressure, resulting in a more relaxed and at ease YOU. Obviously a blanket can't replace a HUMAN hug, but it does convey to the body the same tactile feel of a hug. That warm, inviting pressure that hugs just serve up so well.

Now keep in mind, those are just a few benefits to weighted blankets, there's a ton!

Last but not least, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention our Ms. Bliss weighted blanket! Our weighted blanket is called the Ms Bliss weighted aromatherapy blanket. It's got lavender and peppermint in it, and it can be microwaved to relieve tension and stress. Ms. Bliss is also a super contender for weighted therapy. One of the things that makes our products so popular is the sensory benefits that individuals get from them. From those with specific sensory needs to those that just need a relaxing break, there's some serious science behind why exactly we like to feel enveloped in something! It's the therapeutic application of weight at work! The Standard Ms Bliss is 40x20 inches and weighs 4lbs 4oz. The Ms Bliss XL is non-scented, measures 40x20 inches and weighs 4lbs 11oz.  You can purchase it at right here!



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