The Winter holidays are a distant memory and Spring's not quite here. So...what time of year is it exactly? Here, we'll give you a hint. What do all these pictures have in common? sIf you guessed "true love/romance" then you deserve a stack of pancakes and a juice box because YOU are one smart cookie, friend! It's FEBRUARY and that means that love and romance is in the air! SWOON! Now the key to remember for the month of February in prep for Valentine's Day is to think outside the box. Don't get your significant other the same 'ol card from the drug store and that cliched box of proverbial chocolate. C'mon, a teddy bear and a heart shaped box of chocolates? That's bush league and you know it! Throw that crap out the window and never speak of it again! No, we think what you and your special someone need this Valentine's Day is a little TLC from your good friends at Yogibo and we've got just the hot tickets you need!



The Cozybo blanket is the comfiest blanket you'll ever have the pleasure of cuddling under. Seriously. Load up their favorite movie on Netflix, get some tea brewing and cuddle up nice and snug under the Cozybo and you've got yourself a dat night for the ages. Cozybo has an amazing gel-like feeling and it's the perfect ALL seasonal blanket. Keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and it's unlike any blanket you've ever felt!




Sleepybo is the comfiest pillow you'll wish you had RIGHT NOW. We designed it in a way so that it perfectly cradles your head and doesn't make the neck stiff by being too firm. It's almost like laying your head down into comfy, head-cradling gel. And for you pillow flippers out there, the Sleepybo sleeps either hot or cold depending on which side you have it turned to! So throw out all those pillows that are filled with feathers, nothing but fiber, shredded/memory foam and get yourself the best night sleep with Sleepybo.





Our Aroma Heart is a must have this time of year. Did you know that the feeling of Love actually produces a physical response in our bodies that warms them up? Yep. We didn’t just make that up, scientists discovered it. The Aroma Heart will take those warm, butterfly feelings and make them even warmer! Simply put the Aroma Heart in the microwave and put it on the chest, belly, or sore spot that needs that extra LOVE. The soothing aroma sensation of Lavender and Peppermint will be guaranteed to take your loved ones to Cloud 9, guaranteed!



And last but not least, what would Valentine's Day be without a heart. Our Heart Pillows aren't just the cheap-o heart pillows you can buy from the corner store, no sir. These are filled with our proprietary Fibeads (extra fine versions of what's in our bean bags) so they're on the next level with their comfiness. And these adorable Heart Pillows are made with our signature, stretchy fabric so they're sure to bring on the cozy. Get yourself a couple Heart Pillows, a blanket, heat up some good food and relax on the couch with a good book. Date night SOLVED!



So now you've got an idea or three so you won't find yourself in the half-empty gift section of the store at the last minute with all those other jokers. The best way to bring the love this Valentine's Day? A loving hug, a quick peck on the cheek and some Yogibo magic. Now do what we told you to do and go throw that teddy bear and heart shaped box of chocolate out the window. You're too good for that ;)