Dogs. They're a human's best friend and it goes without saying that they're all good girls and good boys, perfect little angels from heaven and we love them forever into infinity x's a billion. In addition to showering them with love and affection, it's very important for us to make sure our four-legged companions have their own personal space, a little sliver of the house that they can call their own. This is where the 'ol dog bed comes in.

But how to know which one to get for your adorable 'lil pupperino? There's like a BILLION of em out there!


One of the important things when choosing a bed is to think about the type of dog you have. Different dogs have different attitudes, personalities and so on and the bed should be a reflection of your dog!

Different Types of Dog Beds

Mats: These are simple beds for dogs on the move. Nothing super-duper comfy but simple and they get the job done. There are different mats that serve a variety of functions; some protect against parasites and others serve as liners in the bottoms of crates and cages. A simple fix but not exactly something you want to have your dog sleep on for too long.

Hammock: Hammock-style dog beds are primarily used in shelters and rescue centers because it provides a safe area for the dog if the flooring in the area gets too cold. Much like the mat-style beds, these don't exactly offer a ton of comfort in the sleeping-department. Good temporary fixes, but nothing you want long term.

Loose-Fill: These beds are essentially large pillows. Because of this reason they need as much care as a normal pillow. You want to make sure you wash them often to make sure that no germs/dandruff/dust/etc gets inside, and you want the washing process to also freshen them up with your pup! When getting a loose-fill bed for your dog make sure you're getting one with a removable, washable cover. Much like audience attendees at a peace and love concert in the 60's...they're gonna get a little messy, folks. These beds are also great for older generations of dogs because they give them much more comfort than the more rigid hammock and mat style beds.

Foam and Mattress Beds: Dog beds that use foam and egg-crate style designs are great options for dogs, and most are high end and very well made. Mattress-types tend to bode well with younger dogs because they don't need to "sink in" quite as much as, say, an older or arthritic dog might.

All of this leads us to Doggybo, the Yogibo Dog Bed!


Doggybo is a cross between a Loose-Fill bed and a Mattress Bed. It's perfect for puppies, young dogs and old! The inside of the Doggybo is a mix between our conforming beanbag fill and polyester fibers so no matter what position your pet likes to sleep in, it won't bunch up inside and will always be the comfiest setting. The bottom also has a studded, nonslip design so it will stay put if it's jumped into. Doggybo comes in small, medium and large sizes as well as dark grey, blue and camel colors. We think your pup is going to love it! And like all of our furniture, Doggybo comes with a washable, removable cover so cleanup time is always a cinch!
And just so we're not super exclusive with anything, Doggybo is a perfectly fine bed for any kind of pet. We've seen everything from squirrels, hedgehogs, lizards and birds on a Doggybo (no really, we have the pictures!) so whatever pet you own, we think it'll love Doggybo and so will you!