Like any red blooded individual living in this our glorious year 2019 you probably want to make sure your investments are secure and safe from potential damage. If you are not one of these people, you might not have the red blood we just mentioned, in which case you should stay indoors because you are most likely a Dracula or some sort of ghoul.

This past year we ran out our brand new Protection Plan. Not only secure a long and healthy life for your Yogibo, but with it the comfort and stability of a little peace of mind. Because let's face it, with life comes unpredictability and messes. Trying to stay comfy on your Yogibo comes with a lot of prat falls. Let's take a look at just a few of them.


Yes I know your child is a perfect little angel and would never do anything wrong. But children are messy and subsequently make messes. It happens. I know it. You know it. Your white articles of clothing know it. Nuff said.

When Nature Calls

Whether it's the children we mentioned earlier, your dog, your cat or that weird member of your D&D League that gets too invested in the game, these things happen. Don't be ashamed, everyone does it. Just know that it happens and more often than not it's a real stinker of a situation to be involved.

Alien Invasion & Subjugation Of the Human Race

Just trying to cover all bases here. I'm not saying it's totally gonna happen because of our own hubris for galactic domination but it's it's totally gonna happen because of our own hubris for galactic domination.


"So. What does the Protection Plan do for me?" You ask?

That's a great question, friend! We've got you covered from day 1 and we are there for you when the manufacture's warranty ends to provide you with the ultimate protection against the most common of life's occurrences like wear and tear.

Features & Benefits of the Protection Plan:

-Begins date of purchase

-2 and 5 year protection options

-Repair and replacement solutions

-No deductible or hidden fees

-24/7/365 customer service

-Transferable for gift giving

"Ok that's rad. What're the coverages?"

My goodness, you are a tenacious little rascal with these questions, aren't you?

Lounge Furniture:

-Rips and tears

-Seam separation

-Broken zippers

-Minor burn marks

-Structural framing

-Spills and stains


-Rips and tears

-Seam separation

-Spills and stains

And there you have it! There's no registration necessery, the Protection Plan just needs to be purchased the same day as the product in question. There's no waiting, either, you're ready to go the second you leave the store with your purchase. There's no deductible required and no secrets; it's just easy repair and replacement processes. Our customer service line is always there to help you and they can be reached at 877-964-4266 or thru email

So when life's messes or alien invasions get you down, just remember your Yogibo is covered, happy and safe with the Protection Plan. The only thing the plan DOESN'T cover?