It's that time of year again! We've already finished cleaning the fridge of our Thanksgiving leftovers and we're already getting the decorations outta the basement. Aw yeah, it's the holiday season! Every year we compile a list of the newest, best and tried-and-true Yogibo products that we think you'll love, no matter what budget you're tackling this year. Below you'll find our holiday list in a price breakdown to help you better organize.

MaxThe World-Famous Yogibo Max: Our top seller and the product that we're most known for. It's the only furniture on the market to completely mold to the user's body with zero pressure points. It's 6 feet of pure comfy goodness, and can stretch out to 8 feet of pure comfy AWESOMENESS. Stand this sucker up when you're done and it takes up less than 3 feet of space. The perfect couch, recliner, bed, chair, anything!

DoubleThe Yogibo Double: The Double takes two of our Maxes under one big 'ol cover and BOOM. You've got yourselves two tickets to comfy town! While the Max can fit multiple people when it's used as a chair or a couch, when it comes to a bed and you're looking for more space for more people, than the Double is where it's at. Think of it like a giant comfy cloud to fall asleep, chill out, take it easy, or binge Netflix in during these cold Winter months. And like all our furniture, the covers are removable, washable, interchangeable, refillable, the whole 9 yards!

ZoolaMaxThe Zoola Max: The Zoola Max takes all the comfort and awesomeness of the standard Yogibo Max and cranks it up a 'lil. Maybe you don't live in areas where there's tons of snow and you want to sit outside like the lucky fair-weather-son-of-a-gun you are and enjoy the splendor of the great outdoors, but can't bring that Yogibo outside. Fear not you 'ol so-and-so, our Zoola liners are just the thing to bring those indoor beanbags OUTDOORS. The covers are water resistant and UV-safe, perfect for the beach, the campground, the deck, you name it! And like the other furniture, these bad boys have interchangeable covers, removable and washable too.


PodThe Yogibo Pod: Y'know what's just the bee's knees? Sitting on a cozy little encompassing, enveloping cloud of joy. Don't have any clouds readily available to scratch that itch? S'all good, just pop a squat on the Pod! Our Pod is the perfectly sized, perfectly plump little Yogibo seat for one. Think of it as a love seat you don't have to share. It even comes with a handle on the top so when you suddenly need to escape to a better room or a better seating situation, you just pick up and go. Nice and easy. Like our other furniture, the Pod has a removable cover, interchangeable colors/styles, and the cover is machine washable. Like we said. A cozy little cloud for one.

LiftDoubleThe Yogibox Lift Max: For years we've heard from customers that our bags were the most comfortable things in the world, only concern is that there's no 100% easy way to pop on out of them. So we came up with the Yogibox Lift. Get some height going and turn those bean bags into even MORE of a couch or bed! The Yogibox Lift Max can also be used as storage space for Yogibo covers, games, movies, small Australian marsupials you name it! They're also collapsable so when they're not being used they don't take up any space! Don't need additional space for a full Max? Well then we've got something just for you with......

LiftMiniThe Yogibox Lift Mini: Not everyone has a Max or a Midi, some folks like to chill out with a Mini or a Pod. No worries at all, friendo. The Yogibox Lift Mini is the perfect raiser-upper for those smaller Yogibo pieces of furniture. Love the idea of a Yogibo recliner or Netflix-Binge-Chair but find that you're just too dang low to the ground? Pop a Yogibox Lift Mini under your favorite Mini or Pod and plop that tush right on down and you're all set to sit thru the Sunday game. Comfort and the ease of getting up quickly is now yours! 'Aint no low-seating gonna tie you down, friend!

DoggyboDoggybo: Let me hip you to something that, if you're a Yogibo lover and a pet lover, you've probably experienced. It's been a busy day and you're on your last nerve and have finally come home to relax in your favorite beanbag and YOUR PET IS SITTING IN IT SLEEPING. You can't move them, pets are wonderful innocent little piles of LUV and you don't dare disturb them. Well no more does this situation need to take place, we've finally released our Doggybo beds, the perfect bed for man's best friend. We have three sizes available, but today we'll focus on the the medium and large. Don't have a dog? We think your cat, hedgehog, cockatoo, squirrel, chupacabra will love them just as much!

GrandeYogibox Grande: Y'know what's all that and a bag of chips? Having extra space in your living arrangement. Whether it's so much more room for activities or just for dancing in your favorite room because you're such a rabid Lionel Richie fan and good god you're dancing on the ceiling. Long story short when we don't have space it plain 'ol sucks. That's why our Yogibox Grande is here! It's our largest ottoman and the perfect coffee table. Want to serve drinks? Want to serve tea and crumpets and sit on the Yogibo and just GEL? This is the ticket for sure. It's also got a huge storage area inside of it to store clothes, games, it can even store 4 Yogibox Cubes! That's like Inception levels of storage. Or maybe we just dreamed it was......hm........


YogaboYogabo: If we had a head of lettuce and a cruton for every time we felt lazy sitting at our office desk chair all day well....we'd be able to eat a big salad for like...a YEAR. Well worry not, gluteus maximus the Yogabo is here! This ergonomic ball isn't just for core workouts on a yoga mat in the basement once every other year or so. This bad boy has a stylish upholstery fabric and a snazzy handle so you can use this in your home gym, at the office, in the studio, wherever! Strengthen that core so you can work out...while you work! Air pump is included so all you need to do is grab one and get those He-Man 16 pack abs goin, baby.

SleepyboSleepybo Pillow: You don't need to say anything. We can tell by the look on your face that you slept like crap last night. You probably had that dream where you were naked in your old high school and when you woke up all you were met with was a wicked uncomfortable pillow, right? Probably filled with weird shredded up foam that you saw on that infomercial, yeah? PSHAW we say! Our Sleepybo pillow is everything you need to get that perfect night of Z's. Lined with our world famous stretchy fabric and featuring a comfy inside that's a mix of filling, beads and a little bit of magic, we know you're going to love it. One side is perfect for when you want to sleep warm, and the other is perfect for when you want to sleep cool. The Sleepybo was developed by our team of over qualified Yogibo Scientists and it's been genetically engineered to get you snoozin', baby!

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 2.39.12 PMThe Ms. Bliss: You know what just can't be beat on a cold, winter day? Coming in from the cold and prepping a warm cup of coffee and getting a warm snuggly hug from your favorite blanket. And gosh darn wouldn't you know it, we've got just the thing for such a situation! Our Ms. Bliss blanket provides the sensory benefits of a weighted blanket, and comes packing some soothingly sweet aromas of peppermint and lavender. Heat this sucker up, relax in your favorite chair and YOU my friend are on your way to cloud 9.

StresslessStressLess: While we're on the topic of soothing aromatherapy, we can't pass up an opportunity to talk about the StressLess shoulder wrap. Plain-Jain-Run-Of-the-Mill-Dime-Store neck warmers don't cover nearly enough space on your shoulders and they weigh as much as a baby bird. Not our StressLess! This piece of cozy magic is sure to cover the whole region of your shoulders and neck and wrap around in a wonderful little hug of snug goodness. Add into the equation the smells of wheat, natural plants and herbs and you'll be an unstoppable relaxation machine! 

MatesMates: Maybe you're not looking for furniture or aromatherapy, and just want to gift someone in your family a new pet. That's where our Mates collection comes in. We've got tons of fun animals, all made with an extra fine version of our bean bag beads and using our classic stretchy fabric. They're sure to be your next best friend!

MatePillowsMate Pillows: While we're talking about Yogibo Mates, we'd be a big doofus not to mention our Mate Pillows! These fun little throw pillows come packing our extra fine beads inside and also feature 4 of our most popular Mates! Whether it's the kids area, the dorm room or the hyper-masculine-sports-themed Man Cave, we think these little guys will be the perfect addition!

So there you have it! Some of our most popular items for the holiday season in a variety of styles and prices. Whatever your holiday denominations, we want you to have an awesome, stress-free, fun one. And for all your holiday shopping, don't forget to visit yogibo.com or come into any of our store locations and get your AWESOME on!