It's that time of year again, all of our hard working students are graduating and going on to accomplish amazing things either at universities all around the country or by kickstarting their careers. To celebrate these stupendous studious stellar students, we're highlighting some products that time and time again have proven to be essential gifts for the college graduate. Whether used in a dorm room or at home, we think these picks are going to make them toss their hats up all over again with excitement!


The Yogibo Max (pictured here with Dark Grey and Green Supports) is our bestseller for 11 years and for good reason! Voted one of the best dorm accessories and loved by millions, the Max has everything a recent grad could want. Stretching out to nearly 8 feet and taking up roughly 2 feet when stood up in a corner this recliner/chair/bed/do-it-all furniture is a surefire winner this year. Make their college life amazing with the Yogibo Max!

Traybo 2.0 is the perfect accessory for those long note-taking study sessions. With an eco-friendly bamboo top, our signature fabric and a super fine-grade bead filling in the base, Traybo 2.0 is insanely comfy. With a groove in the top for their favorite tablet and an optional bar at the bottom for laptop use, the Traybo 2.0 is everything they'd need to get homework done on any surface!

Grippibo is a unique phone/tablet holding device for those note-taking sessions where they need to be dictating a video lecture. Or maybe they want to just take a break and catch up on a new episode of their favorite show? Either or, we won't judge! Grippibo holds their favorite phone or tablet with a strong phone-safe magnet so they can binge away, hands free! Or...y'know, study and not at all be distracted by Netflix ;)

Cozybo Blanket & Sleepybo sleeping pillow. These two are the perfect pair and for good reason. Sleep is a famously elusive gift to the college student (we remember many a sleepless night before exams sophomore year), and what better gift than the gift of some good 'ol ZZZ's? Cozybo is an amazing all-seasonal blanket with a unique gel-like feel and a special blend of polyester fibers so it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sleepybo is our insanely popular sleeping pillow featuring a special neck-cradling design and amazing warm/cool swappable sides. Just the thing to make the night before a test a bit more pleasant!


Those are some of our world-famous grad gifts and we think the student in your family will love them. Regardless of where they're going they graduated, and that's a direct result of their hard work, perseverance and determination. Congrats, 2020 graduates! Go out and make your life amazing.