As gamers, we're used to sitting in your standard desk chair or couch. Both of which, over time, can be pretty dang uncomfortable or expensive. Sometimes even both! It also doesn't exactly help that there's like a bajillion different seating options out there. Choosing the right one can be as exhausting as having to go thru a work day knowing that your new game came out and you could be home playing it (gimme a break, my order of Forza Horizon 4 didn't come in the mail until today and I need to finish this blog entry before I can play it...the suspense is killing me). Before we get into how you can change up your favorite gaming space with a 'lil Yogibo magic, let's review some of the options out there currently.

Option 1: The "Tilty Boy"


There's a million of these tilty boys out there on the market and they all share the same fundamental flaw. What you see is literally what you get. I don't know about you, but when I'm playing a game my posture will change depending on the intensity of said game. Last night I finally beat the Concierge on the Black Bridge in Dead Cells (I only just started playing cut me some slack). When I started the stage I was relaxed, leaning back comfortably. The fight started and I sat forward to focus. The fight concluded and I excitedly threw myself back in celebration. Get what I'm saying? Everyone changes positions all the time. When you settle for these chairs here you're locking yourself into always having to have one. A good chair, like any backlog of Steam games, needs to have serious variety.

Option 2: The "Movie Boy"


I don't know what it is about movies but if you notice when they have a character playing a video game...they always seem to be in one of these non-rollable chairs (looking at you, Paul Rudd in the 40 Year Old Virgin). Someone in Hollywood must love not being able to switch positions and locations when it comes to their chairs...they're probably named Dunston...typical Dunston. What you're getting with these fellas is a standard office chair that's just disguised as a gaming chair because it comes with a little bit of extra cushioning and speakers on the sides. The only customization you're gonna get with the "Movie Boys" is a simple recline. Meh. Not as much imagination or kept promises of new-age comfort here, might as well call these the Peter Molyneux of gaming chairs, HA! Get it? No? Ok. I'll let myself out...

Option 3: The "Business Boy"


These brightly-colored chairs have gotten very popular in the past few years. And for good reason, they're all business. What you've got here is a professional chair that wouldn't look too out of place in a big office building. The backs have a bit extra ergonomics than a standard office chair, and they often support cable ports and customizable arm rests. These are all well and good, but at the end of the day it's shape doesn't mold to the unique shape of your body. It's got one standard shape in the back and when all is said and done, the most customization you're gonna get is a good recline. You're also paying close to $200-250 for a chair with only one comfortable position. I've tried one of these out at a gaming convention and what's the first thing I did? Accidentally run the wheel over the charging cable connected to the chair. EH.

Option 4: The "Pong Boy"


If you're a human being who is alive with blood circulating thru their veins and a brain stem that is currently working then you've probably heard of the game Pong. Pong was invented in 1972 by Allan Alcorn. We call the beanbag pictured to the left the "Pong Boy" because it literally hasn't been updated or changed since 1972 and that's flippin dumb. If I'm going to sit down and play the 2018 version of Pong (I don't know what that'd be...Tetris? Lumines?) then the last thing I want to sit on is some sweaty vinyl monstrosity. If you or a loved one see one of these under the Christmas tree, grab it and huck it out the window and give the person who bought it a stern insult. I find "jabroney" always works wonders. Long story short: Much like fake wood paneling in cars, these things deserve to rot in the 70's where we don't need to see them.


Now let's bring it all back to the Yogibo line of gaming chairs, shall we? Doing a little bit of a Tarantino with our blog timeline here. One of the fundamental flaws of all those chairs previously mentioned is that you're only really getting one style of comfort and it's usually of the recline-variety. None of them truly mold to your body and between you, me and the cheap gas station coffee on my desk...that's bush league, friend. All of our bodies are different and thus shaped differently, so to truly get our money's worth in this big bad journey of gaming-chair-discovery we need something that can change to fit our comfort needs.


That's where we come in. By incorporating Yogibo into your favorite gaming spot, we offer a product that completely conforms to your body and changes up your game situation. When you’re playing for long periods of time, you run the risk of your back hurting. With our special micro-beads, you get a shockingly comfortable gaming experience to keep you going for longer and happier. All of our furniture is made to be completely customizable and made to fit your specific needs. Want something similar to the standard reclining chair? Take the Lounger pictured above. It's got a high back for support, but with our stretchy fabric and micro-bead filling it will happily mold to fit the unique shape of your unique bum. And that's a good analogy for life really...we're all just unique bums on this circular spaceship called Earth looking for a modular place to sit and know comfort...and that is a sentence I didn't think I was going to write when I woke up this morning.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 3.19.56 PM

Say you want something with a bit more squishiness. This is where combining Yogibos comes into play. The combo above is, personally, my favorite combination in my own personal gaming room (finally got around to playing Arkham Origins last year and did it all from the confines of this 'lil comfy combo). Take a Yogibo Pod (the perfect love seat for one) and put a Yogibo Support on top to rest those arms on. BAM! Now you're in comfort-city, Serious Sam!


And we can't have a gaming blog entry without mentioning our award-winning Yogibo Max. said "This bag chair is well-respected for its ability to conform to your body shape for super cozy comfort no matter what you’re doing." The said "Consider Yogibo the next generation of bean bag chairs!" We could keep going with these words of praise, but let's not toot our own symbol too much. Simply put...whether it's as a chair, a recliner or a love seat...the Max can scratch every comfort itch you have. Say you're playing a game that likes to take it's sweet time with half hour cutscenes (we're looking at you, MGS4) all you need to do is stand up, tilt the Max over and PRESTO it's a comfy bed to kick back and relax in. Maybe you want to be like all those cool cats you see on Pinterest or tumblr and wanna take the game outside so you can project it against a brick wall or a house or sumthin. Our beanbags all come with removable, washable, interchangeable covers. Simply pop on one of our Zoola Outdoor covers and you can bring the comfort anywhere you please, they're water resistant and UV-safe! NOW you're playing with power, friendo. 

We think you and your favorite gaming seat will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of gaming seats Yogibo can offer, and if you have any additional questions or want to know just a bit more don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team! They're always happy to chat about options, cleaning methods, ordering, you name it! They can be reached during normal business hours at 877-964-4266

For all your comfort needs, make it Yogibo. You'll be glad you did.