It’s somehow already September, and you know what that means. The leaves change, kids go back to school, the hoodies come out, and everything from coffee to toothpaste is suddenly pumpkin flavored. Fall is totally awesome, if not a little bit strange. But it also brings another highly anticipated ritual: football season.

When you think of football, you probably think of chicken wings & brats, entire towns shutting down for the high school game, familiar orchestral themes on sporting networks, and tailgating. Tailgating is one of the coolest parts of football. Thousands of people gather together in a field or parking lot outside a stadium to celebrate the fact that they're about to go into the stadium. Try explaining that to someone who's never experienced it and they'll think you're crazy. To many people though, nothing is more perfect.

There are a few requirements for a proper tailgating experience. They include a vehicle, cooler, grill, and some seating. Seating is a big part of the equation. Fans usually bring beach chairs or those foldable lawn seats with a cup holder in it. While a cup holder is nice, it’s not doing your back any favors, especially if you combine that with having to sit in an uncomfortable seat for several hours in the stadium afterwards.

At Yogibo, we’re huge football fans, and we want to make sure everyone has as awesome a time as possible. So instead of packing a bunch of lawn chairs, here are a couple suggestions on how to kick up the tailgating experience and become the envy of the parking lot.

The Zoola Mini is the perfect chair for tailgating. Zoola is our line of durable outdoor covers with that familiar Yogibo comfort. The Zoola Mini works incredibly well because you can throw a few of them in your vehicle. Since they are super lightweight, they are extremely easy to move and set up. Plus if you spill liquids on it, it's water resistant and machine washable. Not that you would ever spill.

The Zoola Support Pillow is a great piece to go with the Mini. While the Mini works well on its own, put a Support on top and you've suddenly got your own water resistant armchair - and the perfect tailgating chair. Feel like putting your feet up while eating some grilled food? Add a Yogibo Cube to the equation. It’s the perfect ottoman that you can bring on the go!

Of course, no tailgate is complete without some fun & games. We've got you covered there too. Yogibo balls, discs, and you guessed it, footballs all featuring our comfy, soft materials. Make sure to spike the Yogibo Football as hard as you can into the ground after making a big catch. It’s a requirement.

If you don't want to take our word for it, the fine folks at Fox & Friends on Fox News will be showing all of this awesome bean bag furniture in a tailgating segment airing on September 10th. Just in time for Week 1!