Well, Christmas is over and we're at that awkward part of the year when everyone is just trying to stay as warm as possible, forget the fact that there's still three and a half more months of snow & chills and try to plan for Summer. So we figured we'd give you some nifty ways to spend that Christmas cash and stay warm doing it! Below are a few of our most affordable accessories that will warm you up in no time. With these by your side, the chilly winter months will be a breeze!

The Yogibo Ultra- Our Ultra is a body-length weighted blanket. So many weighted blankets on the market are overly sized and thusly over priced. With the Yogibo Ultra we trimmed the fat. This bad boy is sized perfectly for the key areas where you want Weight Therapy to work their magic.: right on the body. Drape this over you and within minutes you'll feel calm, relaxed and ready to shut out the blustery winter. Think of it like a big 'ol hug from us.

The Ms Bliss XL-Weighted blankets have been proven to be a benefit for those seeking sensory input, better sleep promotion and the feeling of comfort that can come from a hug. The Ms. Bliss XL is a heavy, scent-free version of our incredibly popular Ms. Bliss aromatherapy blanket. The perfect amount of weight to warm or cool you when you’re feeling cold or blue. Put the worry of the busy every day aside and just be more BLISS!

Yogibo Slippers- Our Yogibo slippers are here to take you to relaxation-city. Made with our signature material, featuring multiple unique styles and with memory foam in the bottom, we think you’re going to enjoy chilling out around the house a bit more with these.

Shoulder Wonder- Take the weight of the world off your shoulders and stress a whole lot less! The Shoulder Wonder wraps your shoulders in warmth while the soothing scent of lavender and peppermint make you forget your stress!