You know the drill. The TV advertises it weeks in advance, the radio shows start to play ads for it, and all over town the reservations are piling up at the local restaurants. It's here once again.


But you know what we think? We think that simply buying a box of chocolates and going to the same restaurant is a bit of a cliche and you can do better to let your partner know you love them. This year why not treat them to something from Yogibo instead!

Our Heart Pillows are an excellent way to say "I love you", "You're pretty", "You're the cat's pajamas", or the old classic standby;  "You got the looks that would make an angel turn green with jealous rage and commit various crimes of ill repute!" Our Heart Pillow is made of the same stretchy fabric as all of our signature furniture and features extra fine-grade filling so it's even more squishy than any pillow you've ever snuggled with!

While we've got hearts on the brain, we can't forget our Aroma Heart. Like our Body Hug or Stressless, this little beauty works wonderfully placed on the area that has tension so all your partner need do is sit back and let it work it's magic. Whether they need hot or cold therapy, this Heart filled with natural grains and fibers is sure to help that person you're crushin on feel a lot better in no time.

Who doesn't love a spa day? With our Shower Steamers you can get this any time you want. Just pop these into the shower and let the humidity and steam from the shower work it's way into them so they release the soothing smells of Lavender, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus or Papaya. While your favorite person is enjoying the relaxing shower it leaves you time to cook dinner. Or clean up. Or feel content with the effort you put into being a good significant other and just go lounge around and watch videos on your phone.

This is our personal favorite. The  Shoulder Wonder! Heatable neck wraps are nothing new, but we think the Shoulder Wonder takes an established idea and makes it even better. This doesn't just wrap around your neck, it also cradles just at the base of the neck a little lower than you might expect to really relieve the part of the 'ol head support that do the brunt of the work. Whether you want this bad jackson warm or cold it's going to be soothing and relaxing and just the bee's knees, guaranteed!


We hope these ideas sparked some inspiration for you and your favorite human being this Valentine's Day! At the end of the day it doesn't really matter if you get them a gift from us, a reservation at a restaurant or a trip to Paris. The thing that matters most in this crazy, mixed up world is making sure you show them all year round how much they mean to you. So go out there, brave adventurer and live the best love life you can live! We believe in you!