If you think about it, your lap is a funny thing. Stand up and it disappears. But then, as soon as you need it, it’s right back there again. We decided to help make your lap even more useful- Meet the Yogibo TrayBo.

Ever tried to use your laptop on the couch, bed or floor? Trying to get comfortable is next to impossible. Well, Yogibo has a solution for you - the TrayBo. The Yogibo TrayBo levels out the hills and valleys of your legs using the same special hi-grade beads and stretchy fabric as we use in the big Yogibos, with a bio-friendly bamboo top. The TrayBo lap tray was designed to give you a comfortable, practical and healthy way to use your laptop computer while relaxing.

Studies have shown that working with a laptop on your lap can cause health issues. Medical professionals have recommended the use of hard or padded surfaces to support a laptop directly on your lap. Yogibo has found a way to let you follow these recommendations while comfortably sitting for hours, writing, eating and solving the world’s problems, using your lap as a workspace.

The durable bamboo tray has a shape that naturally curves to your body so there is no gap for pens, pencils or other accessories to roll off and disappear. The tray is large enough to support a laptop, textbooks, your snack or dinner and much more. The TrayBo’s cushion gives you the same form-fitting comfort just like our Yogibos, the new generation beanbags. The Yogibo TrayBo comes in bright, new colors of green, blue and purple.
Yogibo Traybo
Once you have a TrayBo you will find lots of ways to use it… You can use it while working on your laptop, your teen can be comfortable while finishing their homework and your child can use the large surface for drawing and coloring. The TrayBo is a comfortable way to be productive while protecting you from any negative health effects. The TrayBo is not only practical- it’s fun! Shop now-