We spend a good amount of time on this blog talking a mean game about the comfiest furniture you will literally ever find on this Earth (we can't speak much for Saturn's moon Titan or the surface of Mars though). Today we want to spend a 'lil time and focus on another area of comfort that is too often overlooked. The Neck. That's right, whether you have a short neck, slender neck, long neck for eating the leaves at the top of the tree or a stubby little turkey neck, that thing needs care and comfort. Let's take a look a few images with a reoccurring theme. Ready? Here we go.

Can you guess what all of those absolute units have in common? We'll give you a hint. It rhymes with "Not a single one of those generic, kiosk-quality neck wraps is designed to fit the unique contours of your unique neck". Still don't know? Here, we'll spell it out for you.

Not a single one of those generic, kiosk-quality neck wraps is designed to fit the unique contours of your unique neck.

On board with us now? Awesome! Like most people, you've probably worn one of those cliche's around your neck on the plane, in the car, or in between trains at some point in your life. Travel pillows and specifically neck pillows are a very common thing. What is also common with them, unfortunately, is how little they actually help bring support and comfort to one of the most crucial parts of your anatomy. For something advertised so much you'd think there'd be more...I dunno...COMFORT to them! I can't begin to count the number of times in the past I've fallen asleep on the bus or plane with one of these and woken up feeling someone drop kicked me in the neck. Like any Michael Bay film, they start out serviceably amicable but after a very short period of time you suddenly start to realize that your hard earned money may have just gotten flushed down the drain by the epitome of generic dollar-bin cash grab mediocrity. The terror. The FEAR.

Worry not, dear reader. This is where Yogibo comes in.

Meet the Nap X.

Unlike neck pillows that cause nothing but the grumblies, our Nap X is ergonomically designed to fit those unique, idiosyncratic curves of your neck. The gap and fabric liner provide stability for the base of your head while at the same time offering you enough wiggle room to find that perfect comfort zone.

You can be sure you don't have to worry about the actual pillow unit forcing your head and neck too far forward resulting in those familiar neck cramps or discomfort. The Nap X simply offers comfort and subtle neck cradling so you get the attention you need from a neck wrap, and the comfort you want from a pillow.

The Nap X is lined with our signature t-shirt-soft stretchy fabric. It's durable, stretchy, and insanely comfortable against your skin. No fake polyester fluff to be found here! And we've filled the Nap X with our proprietary Fibeads, these are a highly condensed, extra fine version of the same beads that fill our furniture. They're finer, softer, and quieter so you won't hear any noise should you move your head with the Nap X on. And see that little zipper there on the right side? That's the next surprise the Nap X offers.

What's one of the first things they give you on an airplane? Eye masks! Y'know the kind. They have a slippery, polyester feel and they work about as well at blocking out the light as a vampire holding up a piece of saran wrap to defend against the sun. Our eye mask unfolds out of it's secret container and, once more with the help of our stretchy soft fabric, perfectly falls over your face and attaches to the velcro on the right side. Now if you're feeling the snooze sinking in you're all set to block out the light, bring in the comfort and catch some Z's.

With Spring here and the travel/vacation season right around the corner, we think the Nap X will be your new best friend. But don't just take our word for it, try the Nap X for yourself! Your neck will thank us.

Nap X is $25 and is available in Dark Grey, Red, Blue, Turquoise, Bright Purple and Green.