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  1. Financing With Blispay

    Financing With Blispay
    Financing with Blispay We here at Yogibo are really excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Blispay to offer special financing. Enjoy No Payments, No Interest on all purchases over $199 if paid in full in 6 months. Plus, you'll get 2% Cash Back! How sweet is that? OK...Here's how it works: Apply on your phone or computer at If approved, you'll...
  2. The Yogibo Holiday Gift Guide!

    The Yogibo Holiday Gift Guide!
    It's that time of year again! We've already finished cleaning the fridge of our Thanksgiving leftovers and we're already getting the decorations outta the basement. Aw yeah, it's the holiday season! Every year we compile a list of the newest, best and tried-and-true Yogibo products that we think you'll love, no matter what budget you're tackling this year. Below you'll find our...
  3. Aromatherapy Season Is Here!

    Aromatherapy Season Is Here!
    Can you believe it's already the last remaining days of October? Halloween is like...right around the corner and we're not even in full spooky-mode yet! We haven't even dusted off our skeletons or moved our demon masks up from the demon-mask-room in the basement, what's WRONG with us? Even though it's been a mild Fall thus far, we all know...
  4. Introducing the Yogibox Lift!

    Introducing the Yogibox Lift!
    We've done thousands of events over the years. More than we can count! If we had a head of lettuce for every time someone sat in our beanbags and said "I'll never get up!" we could literally eat salad forever (which would be great if we were dieting). For years we've experimented with a solution to raising our furniture a bit...
  5. Back to School AWESOMENESS

    Back to School AWESOMENESS
    Let's be honest here for a second...within a few weeks it's Back to School Season and those warm summer days of pools, the beach, staying up late and hanging out with friends are soon nearing a close. Barbecues and tail gating parties are going to be replaced with homework, tests, school busses and teachers. We're getting tired already picturing that annoying morning...
  6. Bring On the Summer!

    Bring On the Summer!
    June 21st is officially the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER and our swimming trunks are already packed, the sun tan lotion's been applied and we're ready to tear our hair out in fits of rage trying to find that perfect spot to park at the beach even though THAT RED CAR TOTALLY TOOK MY SPOT WHEN I HAD MY BLINKER ON...
  7. Yogibo Celebrates Father's Day!

    Yogibo Celebrates Father's Day!
    Dear 'ol dad. He's always been there for us, hasn't he? There to teach us how to ride a bike, tried to stifle a laugh as we majorly wiped out on the pavement, tucked us in at night, and taught us certain four letter words when mom was out of the house. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE!? This Father's Day we think...
  8. Yogibo FIDGETING!

    Yogibo FIDGETING!
    Ever been in a meeting and one of your legs just starts tapping like a jackhammer? Sitting in school, work, at a restaurant, anywhere and you need to tap your finger? If so then you are like millions of Americans who simply don't prefer to sit still. Fidgeting! Psychological studies have shown that certain individuals will unconsciously look for means...
  9. Yogibo Celebrates Mother's Day!

    Yogibo Celebrates Mother's Day!
    Today thru Monday the 15th, we're happy to offer our Mother's Day Sale! Save 15% for mom on all merchandise both in store and online using code MOTHERSDAY  For a lot of us, mom isn't just the person who cuts the crust off of your peanut butter and jelly sandwich or tucks you in at night after you stayed up...
  10. Yogibo Celebrates Autism Awareness Month!

    Yogibo Celebrates Autism Awareness Month!
    April is Autism Awareness Month, something very near and dear to our hearts here at Yogibo. When we first started out, we just wanted to redefine how people relax. We wanted to make the NEXT generation of bean bags, and that's something we knew we would accomplish in time. One of the biggest wild cards to this accomplishment we didn't...

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