Yogibo is not just a bean bag. It’s also not the bean bag chair you had as a kid. It is the only furniture that loves you back. Unlike the traditional bean bags of the past, the Yogibo reinvents itself with every curve and every use – accommodating finicky bean bag enthusiasts. Yogibos are made from super-comfy, cotton-lycra fabric that stretches and moves with you. It feels luxurious against your skin and combined with the near-frictionless beads it completely molds to your body; making Yogibos “shockingly comfortable”.

Yogibos are so comfortable and versatile they can be at home in any room. With countless cool colors and endless relaxing positions you will find a Yogibo to fit your space and lifestyle. You can sit, recline or lay down on it. The Yogibo Max is essentially a couch, but more comfortable. You can cuddle with your kids and relax on it in the living room. You can read books on it, play games on it, watch TV on it, and yes, jump on it. You can be extremely comfortable on the Yogi Max with two kids plus your dog and cat. And best of all, the outer cover is removable so you can wash it and replace it.


Yogibo is an awesome gaming chair– the innovative design of the lounge bag prevents aching backs and numb-bum after spending countless hours mastering the new Call of Duty game. Once you beat the game, flip it over, sink back in and take a nap. Yogibo is large enough to use as a bed or as a couch to seat your gaming friends. When you’re done gaming or napping, stand up your Yogibo- it takes up just 4 square feet of space when not in use.

Yogibo lounge bags are showing up in playrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, college dorm rooms, and even classrooms. They can be a good fit for a child with a sensory disorder. Yogibo has been recommended by chiropractors for a great back support and because of the way it conforms to your body.

Yogibos are ideal for pregnant women and can cradle you and your baby like nothing else can… be oh, so comfortable even lying on your belly. Mothers and moms-to-be can benefit from the Yogi Support, a U-shaped bag ideal for newborn feedings that can also be used to support the lower back during pregnancy.

If you are an avid lounger and like to relax in a recliner or a conventional bean bag chair, you should try a Yogibo. Yogibo lounge bags are so much better than the bean bag chairs you remember. They are enjoyable for the whole family. You might want to get rid the rest of your basement furniture and buy all Yogibo lounge chairs.

The Yogibo will become the most sought after, fought over, adored piece of furniture in your home. By everyone. You might never want to sit on your couch again.