It's pretty rare for us to introduce new furniture, but we listened to a lot of feedback and are super excited to introduce you to the new members of the Yogibo beanbag chairs family!


turquoise-1First up is the Lounger. Why settle for some stiff recliner or unnecessarily large couch in your favorite reading/gaming nook where you can never seem to hit the sweet spot of pure, comfy bliss? You need to be perfectly cozy if you’re going to 100% that backlog of PS4 games you’ve been hoarding! This bad boy is perfectly shaped to be the only lounge chair you’ll ever need for your game room or library. And while it’s already in the perfect reclining shape, all of our bodies are different and that’s where the signature stretchy Yogibo fabric comes in. Our fabric can stretch to meet your every need. Now go on, get comfy and start racking up those high scores!


pink-2Second up we got the DropThe Drop is a slightly more compact version of our amazing Yogibo Pod. It’s a personal-sized bean bag chair perfect for reading, gaming, or just getting comfy after a long day. The drop is more compact than the Max or Short, but just as comfortable and modular. Like all Yogibo furniture, the Drop contains zero pressure points so there’s nothing getting in the way of you and your tickets to Relaxation-Town. Think maybe the Drop would be just as comfy in the living room as it would in your bedroom? Worry not friend, just like the Pod, the Drop comes with a convenient handle on the top so there’s no need to lug it around like an awkward aardvark! 



Last but CERTAINLY not least is the ShortThe Yogibo Short is a slightly more compact version of our award winning Yogibo Midi. Not QUITE as tall but just as comfy. It’s the perfect-sized bean bag for the younger members of the house ages 4-11. Where the Yogibo Max is a couch/bed the Short is the perfect love seat! All the comfy awesomeness of the Max but in a slightly smaller size. If you love colors, comfort and versatility to the MAX but don’t have the room for a Max, the Short has got your back. It’s the perfect companion to any play room, lounge, apartment, dorm, wherever comfort is!



And there you have it, three new amazing beanbags designed to make your life a lot more relaxed and cozy from our team of dedicated and drastically antisocial Yogibo scientists. And y'know what's rad? We want you to have a 'lil somethin on us for reading our blog and following along with our Yogibo awesomeness. When you check out online, feel free to use code FB10 to save yourself 10% for being so rad.

And y'know what else is rad? This cat picture.

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