Happy November! And Happy National Stress Awareness Day! 

First thing we need to do to get in the spirit of laughing off the stress and the hectic business of the every day...we need a good old fashioned lame Dad Joke. 


Aah, that's  better, isn't it? Now that THAT'S out of the way 

This time of year can be stressful for everyone, what with the holidays fast approaching. Suppose it's YOUR turn to host Thanksgiving! Then there's the stress of where to seat all 65 of your relatives and we haven't even got to the KIDS yet! Or maybe you need to plan, jot down and schedule all the holiday cooking and then ALSO have to keep an eye on your waistline!!?? WHEN DOES IT END!!?? Here's a little knowledge nugget for you: 


But that's just life, this crazy beautiful wonderful thing. We can't have the sour without the sweet, baby. And luckily, for those days when you're really starting to stress and your asthma is working up and your second cousins are annoying you asking about parking in your neighborhood, Yogibo has got you covered. Today we're going to show you two products we're really proud of that we think will help you combat the chewy chunks of stress and aggravation. 


The first one we're showcasing are the Yogibo Round Pillows. Whether you're looking for a new mat to practice your Lotus Stance on or you need something fashionable for your living room, these little guys will save you every time. The inner bag is filled with Fibeads, our mix of special small beads and fibers that are supportive, soft, and quiet, which is important if you are resting with an ear near the pillow. Nothing but bliss here! 



sinusminus_640And next up is our SinusMinus! These little relaxation rescuers are the perfect answer to those of us who want to catch a nap, sooth our head aches, or be antisocial and shut out the world. The mask is designed to use pressure to relieve sinuses while the heady mix of peppermint and eucalyptus relaxes your mind, clearing out headaches and tension! The perfect ticket when your Thanksgiving feast is devoured and everyone is screaming at the TV because the ref incorrectly scored  that football play. 

Those are just a few of the ways we've got your back this busy holiday season, and whether you shop us online or stop by in person to meet us and get to know our product try to relax and take today easy. After all it is National Stress Awareness Day :)