At Yogibo, we are not only grateful for the opportunity to introduce our products to so many awesome people, but also for the opportunity to get to know these awesome people.

Over the past year, we took a production studio with us as we went to meet all kinds of different folks and how they use Yogibo in their lives. Not only did it help us learn even more about our own products, it was a lot of fun too!

In September, we met the amazing Christmas family. Brayden, Olivia, Amy, and Mo were kind enough to let us speak to them about how Brayden and the family use Yogibo every single day. Their inspiring story was an amazing experience for the entire Yogibo team to learn. 

We then went down to Baltimore, Maryland to visit the Clements family. Duke has six amazing kids who could not have been any more awesome. Duke and his family use an entire Yogibo lounge. "It's not just functional as furniture, but also functional as fun." Watch the video to hear more about the Clements' incredibly inspirational story. 

Next up on the road trip was Advancing Milestones in Waltham, Massachusetts, a private school focusing on alternative forms of education and special needs while respecting every student's individuality. Advancing Milestones showed us how they use Yogibo effectively in their classrooms with their super awesome students. 

Eventually, we wound up at Zco Corporation in our hometown of Nashua, NH. We had been speaking with various companies about the ways they use Yogibo in the office. Zco told us about how they use Yogibo not just for quick naps and awesome seating around the  office, but also in their unique workouts. Zco provides yoga and other workouts to their employees multiple times a week, and their personal trainer told us how she likes to incorporate Yogibo into their workouts.

Here at Yogibo, we're so lucky and grateful to work with thousands of families, companies, schools, and more every single year. It's even more awesome when we get to meet them and get an idea for how Yogibo is being used. We set out to create products of awesomeness that all kinds of people could enjoy, and we couldn't be happier to see this in action! 

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