Meet our CEO Eyal Levy. This year, we’re celebrating an incredible 10 years of Yogibo, and we wouldn’t be here without him!


As with many entrepreneurial ventures, Yogibo started small, with an idea. Eyal’s wife was pregnant with their second child and was having difficulties sleeping on her belly. There wasn’t a product on the market that met their needs, so they decided to create their own. Through an adaption of something they discovered overseas, the first Yogibo was born!

When friends came over to their home, they tried the Yogibo and were astonished by how comfortable and different it was. They started asking Eyal to make something like this for them, so he happily obliged. Before long, friends of friends wanted them and the demand for their product was rising faster than they could keep up. That’s when Eyal decided to take the company to the next level.


Fast-forward ten years, and we’re still the company you know and love today! It wasn’t always easy, but with Eyal’s lead, Yogibo has continued to thrive and grown. We now have over 25 stores up and down the East Coast, and well over 100 stores outside the US in Japan and Korea to name a few. What started as high-grade bean bags has transformed into so much more. Yogibo is all about what Eyal calls a“lifestyle of awesomeness!”


Here’s to ten years of Yogibo and many more to come!