The phrase "Back to School" isn't exactly what most kids enjoy hearing in the middle of summer. Memories are still being made, pools being jumped into, burgers being grilled. The last thing most future business leaders, doctors, and presidents want to think about is the end of summer. But does the dreaded "Back to School" have to be all that bad?

Think about it. The start of a school year brings new friends to be made, new places to explore, and all kinds of cool memories waiting to be made! Not to mention, for some, a dorm room waiting for you to add your own style. There are plenty of blank walls where you can hang up awesome photos and posters, but there's not much in the way of comfy furniture. With our helpful guide, make your school year awesome and your dorm room or apartment into something truly unique, and the place to be!


Let's start with the mattress. We all know it's really nothing special. Some might say the tile floor is actually a bit softer. Luckily, we have solutions to spruce that right up. First off, our Lukso bedding line is the perfect way to fix this situation. Between a fitted sheet, pillowcases, and a duvet cover, you'll never want to leave bed again! You probably should, though. Top it off with a Support Pillow and you've suddenly got a comfortable place to read, game, or just hang out.

Of course, you need a place to hang out with friends, and that old couch you pulled out of a basement just isn't going to cut it. Our most popular bean bags, the Yogibo Max & Yogibo Midi, allow for an easy way to let friends come hang out comfortably. They weigh less than 20 lbs, and you don't need to remove a door to fit them inside. Simply lay them flat and now you have an extra couch. Remember that unfortunate previous situation with the uncomfortable air mattress? You can even use them as a spare bed. Plus, the Yogibo Mini is a perfect one-seater that can be used as a chair or easily stowed away to create more room.


This brings us to the main part of school: learning. It's fairly important, and just because you're studying doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable! Take for example our Traybo. The name may be a bit confusing, but this is the PERFECT accessory for students who use laptops. If you've ever rested a computer on your lap for an hour or two, you know how hot it can get, which isn't good for either you or the computer. With the Traybo, the top is a bamboo tray designed to hold a laptop, while the bottom is a soft pillow. You may actually enjoy working on a paper - well, you'll at least be comfortable.

Tablets have become a great way for students to take notes in class, but most stands are thin pieces of plastic that fold into itself. Give the Tablo a try instead. It will fit any tablet up to 10" and creates a comfy stand that is light, is the perfect viewing angle, and isn't going to fall over if you tap the screen too hard.

For some, back to school is music to their ears. No more trying to find creative things to keep the kids occupied, or maybe you just really love school's academic & social environment. For others, it's more of an "Are you kidding? Didn't summer just start?" No matter what camp you're in, it's coming, and it's always better to be prepared. So gear up and don't forget to eat breakfast and set an alarm.

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