We've done thousands of events over the years. More than we can count! If we had a head of lettuce for every time someone sat in our beanbags and said "I'll never get up!" we could literally eat salad forever (which would be great if we were dieting). For years we've experimented with a solution to raising our furniture a bit more off the ground for those who have difficulty sitting up, or just want to be up a bit higher. We finally did it! Introducing the YOGIBOX LIFT!



The Yogibox Lift comes in a Mini or Max pack. It's made from the same amazing upholstery fabric and materials as our awesome Yogibox Cube and Grande lines.

Aug 31 2017 - Yogibo - 0780

With a Yogibox Lift Mini, you can put the Yogibo Pod or Yogibo Mini on it for the perfect one-seater!

Aug 31 2017 - Yogibo - 0801

With a Yogibox Lift Max, you can now put your Yogibo Max on it, turning it into a real deal couch with lots of style. Not to mention these bad boys go flat when folded up, and can also be used for storage!


The Yogibox Lift Mini retails for $99 and the Yogibox Lift Max retails for $199 and includes the cover to keep those suckers connected underneath your max or out in the living space!

You can check out the Yogibo Lift in action by clicking on the image below!

Click the image to see the Yogibox Lift in action!