We're super excited to introduce you to Modju Couch, our new modular couch system. This beauty has been in development for some time, and we released an initial run exclusively in our stores to see how the demand would be. Holy moly were we blown away by how Modju Couch was received, it sold out almost immediately! Today we're proud to offer Modju Couch online as well as in our stores (call ahead to make sure Modju Couch is available at the location of your choice).

But what exactly is Modju Couch, and why should you prepare to have your socks knocked off? Settle in, friendo. We're going to hip you to just how exactly Modju is making such a huge splash.

Modju Couch when you get it down to it's bare essentials, is 3 unique couch pieces. The building blocks of comfort, if you will. Modju Couch sections are available as a Base, a Top, or a Corner. All Modju components are available in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Orange, Blue, Green, and Purple.

No complicated instructions for assembly, no hooks, switches or clasps. It's just 3 unique pieces of comfort made with enormously soft upholstery fabric and ready to be combined to form your next favorite lounge. Now, as we say around Yogibo HQ is that "There's a MILLION ways to Modju!". Seriously. We've tried. We've spent entire days just coming up with as many unique combinations as we can. We're not lying when we tell you that those days solely spent building new and complicated couches were only scratching the surface of what can be achieved with our new modular system. Of course, we're not going to give you homework to do, we've compiled some of our favorite combinations in a quick and easy shopping guide for you.

The One Section Bundle is the perfect seating for smaller rooms and dorms. If you ever get tired of the higher seating, simply move the Top piece down on the floor next to the Base piece and you've got a quaint little padded floor to lay on!

The Standard Couch Bundle is an excellent couch for any room. Perfect for studies, living rooms and game rooms. Add a Yogibox Cube to the mix and you've got yourself a stylish side table!

The 8 Piece Sectional Bundle is the absolute cream of the crop. Everything you could ever want or need, it's right in here! You get 3 Tops, 4 Base and one Corner to create the couch of your dreams. Make an L-shaped couch, a low seater, a super long couch, a giant padded flooring unit, GO NUTS!

And what self respecting couch would be complete without pillows?

Modju Mini Rolls and Modju Square Pillows are the perfect complement to your new modular couches. Made with the same upscale upholstery and perfect plump and squishy, these will tie up the Modju Couch with a neat little bow, we know you'll love 'em!


And there you have it, folks! Those are only a few of the Modju combinations we've dreamt up, we can't wait to see what you all create. And remember...