YogaboYogabo: If we had a head of lettuce and a cruton for every time we felt lazy sitting at our office desk chair all day well....we'd be able to eat a big salad for like...a YEAR. Well worry not, gluteus maximus the Yogabo is here! This ergonomic ball isn't just for core workouts on a yoga mat in the basement once every other year or so. This bad boy has a stylish upholstery fabric and a snazzy handle so you can use this in your home gym, at the office, in the studio, wherever! Strengthen that core so you can work out...while you work! Air pump is included so all you need to do is grab one and get those He-Man 16 pack abs goin, baby.

Support: The Yogibo Support is your new best friend if you love the feeling of a comfy armchair  but hate the notion that you can't bring it with you everywhere. Use the support on our Pod X, Max, or even sitting up in bed! It's the perfect back support and it will always conform to the unique contours of your back. You'll be crusin for a snoozin in no time!

SleepyboSleepybo Pillow: You don't need to say anything. We can tell by the look on your face that you slept like crap last night. You probably had that dream where you were naked in your old high school and when you woke up all you were met with was a wicked uncomfortable pillow, right? Probably filled with weird shredded up foam that you saw on that infomercial, yeah? PSHAW we say! Our Sleepybo pillow is everything you need to get that perfect night of Z's. Lined with our world famous stretchy fabric and featuring a comfy inside that's a mix of filling, beads and a little bit of magic, we know you're going to love it. One side is perfect for when you want to sleep warm, and the other is perfect for when you want to sleep cool. The Sleepybo was developed by our team of over qualified Yogibo Scientists and it's been genetically engineered to get you snoozin', baby!

The Ms. Bliss: You know what just can't be beat on a cold, winter day? Coming in from the cold and prepping a warm cup of coffee and getting a warm snuggly hug from your favorite blanket. And gosh darn wouldn't you know it, we've got just the thing for such a situation! Our Ms. Bliss blanket provides the sensory benefits of a weighted blanket, and comes packing some soothingly sweet aromas of peppermint and lavender. Heat this sucker up, relax in your favorite chair and YOU my friend are on your way to cloud 9.