StresslessStressLess: While we're on the topic of soothing aromatherapy, we can't pass up an opportunity to talk about the StressLess shoulder wrap. Plain-Jain-Run-Of-the-Mill-Dime-Store neck warmers don't cover nearly enough space on your shoulders and they weigh as much as a baby bird. Not our StressLess! This piece of cozy magic is sure to cover the whole region of your shoulders and neck and wrap around in a wonderful little hug of snug goodness. Add into the equation the smells of wheat, natural plants and herbs and you'll be an unstoppable relaxation machine!

Zipparoll: These unique pillows go from a comfy headrest to a backrest in no time! Simply unzip them and they're now your new favorite back rest for whatever uncomfortable chair you might find yourself in. Have a weirdly-shaped chair and one Zipparoll just won't cut it? You can zip together as many as you want to form an unstoppable mix of comfort and ingenuity! Rock on with your smart self :)

Grippibo: Don't you hate when you're perfectly settled in and you've got the popcorn in one hand, your phone in the other but the drink is sitting neglected on the side table? Ever find yourself with just not enough hands? Our Grippibo is here to make you as comfy and hands-free as can be! Simply mount your favorite phone or tablet onto the magnetic surface and you've got hands-free bing-watching and snacking for days. Go ahead, relax a little!

Backmeister: Some of us, whether we like it or not, get aches and pains this time of the year. Something about the cold just does it, y'know? And luckily our Backmeister is soon to be your new best friend. Our sweet-smelling little buddy goes into the microwave and after heating wraps around the area that's giving you trouble. The back sore? Backmeister is there on the double. Leg bothering you? Bicep sore from shoveling snow? Backmeister has a velcro strap so it easily applies to all areas giving you woes. Your muscles will thank us later

Nap X: With pre/post holidays there must always come travel in some way or another. Those stiff U-shaped neck "pillows" at the airport are hot garbage compared to the Nap X. For one thing, all of our necks are different so why just one uniform shape with those dime-a-dozen pillows? Our Nap X features an ergonomic design to perfectly match the contours of your neck, and it's filled with our patented FiBead fill so it's extra conforming and squishy for when you want to snooze. And SPEAKING OF SNOOZE! Nap X features a secret compartment built right into it for an eye mask if you want to get a little bit extra REM cycle while you're on the go. Trust us, aside from cats. dogs and red gummi bears there is nothing more important than napping and our Nap X is here to make sure yours are extra special.