The World-Famous Yogibo Max: Our top seller and the product that we're most known for. It's the only furniture on the market to completely mold to the user's body with zero pressure points. It's 6 feet of pure comfy goodness, and can stretch out to 8 feet of pure comfy AWESOMENESS. Stand this sucker up when you're done and it takes up less than 3 feet of space. The perfect couch, recliner, bed, chair, anything!

The Yogibo Double: The Double takes two of our Maxes under one big 'ol cover and BOOM. You've got yourselves two tickets to comfy town! While the Max can fit multiple people when it's used as a chair or a couch, when it comes to a bed and you're looking for more space for more people, than the Double is where it's at. Think of it like a giant comfy cloud to fall asleep, chill out, take it easy, or binge Netflix in during these cold Winter months. And like all our furniture, the covers are removable, washable, interchangeable, refillable, the whole 9 yards!


The Zoola Max: The Zoola Max takes all the comfort and awesomeness of the standard Yogibo Max and cranks it up a 'lil. Maybe you don't live in areas where there's tons of snow and you want to sit outside like the lucky fair-weather-son-of-a-gun you are and enjoy the splendor of the great outdoors, but can't bring that Yogibo outside. Fear not you 'ol so-and-so, our Zoola liners are just the thing to bring those indoor beanbags OUTDOORS. The covers are water resistant and UV-safe, perfect for the campground, the deck, you name it! And like the other furniture, these bad boys have interchangeable covers, removable and washable too.