The Yogibo Short: Maybe you're aware of how rad the Max is but you just want something slightly more compact and just a TEENSY-WEENSY bit smaller. Have no fear, our Short is here and in no...a-hem...SHORT supply! The Short is a bit smaller than the Max, at 4'2"H x 2'6"W so it's just as comfy if not a tad smaller. It still has MAX-SIZE comfort and durability!

The Yogibox Lift Max: For years we've heard from customers that our bags were the most comfortable things in the world, only concern is that there's no 100% easy way to pop on out of them. So we came up with the Yogibox Lift. Get some height going and turn those bean bags into even MORE of a couch or bed! The Yogibox Lift Max can also be used as storage space for Yogibo covers, games, movies, small Australian marsupials you name it! They're also collapsable so when they're not being used they don't take up any space! Don't need additional space for a full Max? Well then we've got something just for you with......

The Pod X: Y'know what's just the bee's knees? Sitting on a cozy little encompassing, enveloping cloud of joy. Don't have any clouds readily available to scratch that itch? S'all good, just pop a squat on the Pod X! Our Pod X is the perfectly sized, perfectly plump little Yogibo seat for one. Think of it as a love seat you don't have to share. It even comes with a handle on the top so when you suddenly need to escape to a better room or a better seating situation, you just pick up and go. Nice and easy. Like our other furniture, the Pod X has a removable cover, interchangeable colors/styles, and the cover is machine washable. Like we said. A cozy little cloud for one.

The Lounger: Our Lounger is the perfect one seater for the gamer in the family. It's got a lifted back design and it stretches out so you can rest your weary legs as you mercilessly slaughter all manner of orcs, demons and goombas.

: Let me hip you to something that, if you're a Yogibo lover and a pet lover, you've probably experienced. It's been a busy day and you're on your last nerve and have finally come home to relax in your favorite beanbag and YOUR PET IS SITTING IN IT SLEEPING. You can't move them, pets are wonderful innocent little piles of LUV and you don't dare disturb them. Well no more does this situation need to take place, we've finally released our Doggybo beds, the perfect bed for man's best friend. We have three sizes available, but today we'll focus on the the medium and large. Don't have a dog? We think your cat, hedgehog, cockatoo, squirrel, chupacabra will love them just as much!