It’s officially SUMMER and we’re ready for some fun in the sun!

So, what’s your summer bucket list look like? C'mon don't lie, we know you got one! Gonna finally make that jump out of a perfectly good airplane and skydive? Eager to take that deep-water fishing trip? Or maybe number one on your list is to have some good old fashioned family time at the house? Whatever your summer bucket list looks like, we’re here to make it better.

We know you love our indoor line of Yogibo products because they're unbelievably comfy, colorful and fun. So, we’re here to remind you that you can bring all that awesomeness from our indoor line, outdoors with our Zoola line. The Zoola line of products are water-resistant, UV-safe and oh-so gosh darn comfy! PLUS, if you already own one of our indoor bean bags, all you have to do is pick up a Zoola liner for your existing product, put it on, and get your booty outside!



Zoola Max- The Zoola Max outdoor version of our superstar bean bag, the Yogibo Max. The world's first bean bag with zero pressure points, that molds to your body and has the flexibility of a couch, recliner, chair, or bed, all in one!

Zoola Pod X- The Zoola Pod X is the perfect one seater when chilling outside. It conforms to your body- surrounding you in super comfy awesomeness.

Zoola Pyramid-  The Zoola Pyramid packs a small but mighty comfy punch. It's ultra-lightweight and portable, and the perfect buddy to bring along for your next camping trip, tailgating party, or barbecue!

Kick this summer off the right way! Grab one of our Zoola products, get outside and let the relaxation begin. And don’t worry about those pesky cannonball splashes coming straight at you- your Yogibo Zoola is water-resistant! It’s time to get that tan you promised yourself you’d get last year!