October has finally arrived, which means Fall is now in full swing- apple cider, leaves falling, pumpkin spice, and all things nice! *Sluurrrrrp* … sorry, just sipping my daily pumpkin spice latte; you know how it is right? The deliciousness and beauty of Fall are always too short-lived. Before we know it, the trees will be bare, the sun will have sunk before 6:00 pm and the chills of Winter will be creeping in. Don’t let Fall FALL away this year before enjoying everything it has to offer- get cozy and enjoy!

We have the perfect aromatherapy products to get you into that state of total relaxation and comfort on those chilly Fall days! Check out a couple of our most beloved items below that will have you falling in love with aromatherapy.

Shoulder Wonder – Aromatherapy Shoulder Wrap   |   $29

Shoulders tired from raking all those leaves in your yard? The Shoulder Wonder is without a doubt one of our most popular aromatherapy products and with good reason. It can easily cover your entire shoulder and neck area, unlike most generic heating pads or rice sack products, so all that soothing heat is distributed evenly. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Embrace the calming smell of herbs, peppermint and lavender weaved throughout the Shoulder Wonder. Allow yourself to get transported into a next-level state of calmness and relaxation.

Miss Bliss XL Heavy Weighted Aromatherapy Blanket   |   $59

We've already covered the numerous benefits of weighted therapy in a previous blog post, and the Miss Bliss XL is a tough item to beat when it comes to pure comfort. Pop this baby in the microwave after a long day for some full-body soothing. Let the relaxing lavender and peppermint aromas fill your nostrils and whisk you away to Cloud 9.


So what are you waiting for? Just don’t blame us if you never want to return to everyday life after experiencing Cloud 9. ;)