There are a lot of things that cause us to fondly look back to our teenage years, and sleeping is right near the top of the list. The average teenager gets 9.8 hours of sleep per day while people 35-54 average only 8.3 hours – and it keeps dropping from there. Either way, we spend 1/3 of our day in bed. Maybe that explains why so we see so many people wearing pajamas in public.

Sleeping also activates a vital gene which replenishes brain cells, which is why we feel so refreshed after waking up from a great night’s sleep. If you want to feel even better when you wake up, make sure you’re sleeping in the most comfortable setting possible. That means a quality mattress, a fluffy pillow, and comfortable bed sheets.

Which brings us to our new Lukso line of luxury bedding.

Lusko sheets are made of a “shockingly comfortable” fabric that is similar to the indoor bean bag line, but we made it softer, smother and just for your bed. They will easily cradle away the stress of the day. Available in Twin, Queen and King Sizes, they come in five colors - Dark Gray, Deep Purple, Light Gray, Turquoise and Green! And for those of us who find it hard to decide on a color, each item is sold separately so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire!

We’ve gotten used to hearing “wow” when people first experience Yogibo (thinking it’s just another bean bag). People are having the same reaction when they try Lukso and realize just how comfortable bedding can be.

Offering the perfect pop of color and amazing comfort, Lusko bedding products are must-have items for your home. So get in bed with Yogibo and wrap yourself in awesomeness by visiting one of our stores or checking them out online.