adhd-help-from-yogibo-bean-bagsHave you ever wondered if a bean bag can give you ADHD help? Well, maybe the average bean bag can’t, but Yogibos can!

As some of you know, after starting Yogibo, we discovered over the years that our Yogibos are awesome for so many purposes and for people with different needs. We recently met Kirsten Milliken, the founder of PlayDHD, who told us why our Yogibos are so great with ADHD. Honestly, that was a pleasant surprise.

Kristin Milliken, a wonderful and cheerful individual PHD, has been yogiboing while she was shopping at our store at the Maine Mall in fell in love with the products. She explains how Yogibo makes sense for people with ADHD:

Many people with ADHD also have subtle to more profound sensory issues. The deep, even pressure that the Yogibo exerts is very soothing and helps ADDers to settle their body and their minds.

Here at Yogibo we have a deep understanding of the value of a comfortable place to sit. But there’s more!

Milliken goes on:

Many ADDers also love to run, jump and crash into things---this can be daunting with ‘regular’ furniture. With Yogibo you can just flop onto it, dive into it. I even have kids who love to build forts and mountains to climb using their Yogibos.

It’s not just ADDers that love to crash into things (our store associates can attest to that) and Yogibo is perfect for that. In three manageable sizes, our indoor lounge furniture is easy to move for kids and safe to bounce off of.

The movability of the Yogibo helps ADHDers conquer another problem. “One of the challenges of ADHD,” Milliken attests, “is sitting still or staying in one place to do work.” Luckily, with a Yogibo you don’t have to stay put. With one Yogibo piece you can recline, sit up or lay down! Each position still allows you to be held and supported. This is perfect for those who want to move around and change things up quickly and easily.

Milliken added:

The feeling of comfort when sitting in a Yogibo is a huge plus to helping kids and adults with ADHD and other sensory challenges settle down. Many people with ADHD also suffer from tactile/sensory issues so I appreciate that the fabric you use is so ‘touchable,’

PlayDHD was started to focus on the importance and value of play for people with the added challenge of ADHD. PlayDHD, an online-based meeting place for those with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or living with someone who has ADHD, offers a wide range of attention aides. From fun educational videos, entertainment-based helpful products, to resources to build your own community, PlayDHD has it all. Yogibo is happy to be featured in The Shop on PlayDHD.

At Yogibo, it’s not the beans that make the bag-it’s the fabric. Our special cotton/lycra blend allows the cradling effect that ADDers appreciate so much. We don’t know if Yogibo was made for ADDers or ADDers were made for Yogibo, but either way it’s a match made in heaven!

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