One of the things you hear about left and right these days is germ prevention, making sure you're washing your hands, and being generally clean and germ-free. At Yogibo we always want to make sure we're not just giving you the comfiest furniture around but we're also giving you the cleanest. Today we're going to discuss cleaning our amazing outdoor line, the Yogibo Zoola Collection.

All of our covers are machine washable, but say for example you want to give the Zoola cover a nice deep clean before busting it out for the summer? Simple and easy to do! The secret is Hydrogen Peroxide. Zoola covers are water repellent, so simply grab a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide from a trusted brand and start spraying the areas you feel need some sprucing up. Spray an area and then wipe it off immediately; spray an area, and then wipe it off immediately. Get the idea? Keep in mind, if you spray a specific area too heavy you may see spots absorbed in and blocked by the back membrane (the membrane is what gives it it's water resistant quality). Once you've cleaned the cover of any particular spots simply allow it to air dry for an extended period of time and voila! Your Zoola is clean and good as new!

We also always recommend not permanently keeping Zoola outside. Animals, sun bleach and more can negatively affect the lifespan of your beloved Zoola. When not in use bring it inside or store it somewhere free from the elements so the next time you go to use it, you can enjoy without worry of the elements hindering your fun.

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That's all for today, friends. Don't forget to relax, wash your hands and get plenty of rest. We want you all healthy.