Why do we need blankets? There is an obvious answer to that – to get warmer.  But there are also so many people that can’t fall asleep or even read while on a couch without a blanket. People love being wrapped up in blankets. It’s even well documented that people will turn on a fan at full speed or blast their air conditioner all day long just to wrap themselves in something. So why is it?

Most common answer is because they feel insecure or exposed, and there is something about creating a secure space to isolate you from the world’s troubles when you want to relax. So if you ever thought to yourself, “Is it weird that I need a blanket when it’s not that cold?” the answer is absolutely not. You now know why!

Last year we introduced our Cozybo blanket. One piece of fluffy awesomeness made with a super soft cotton/spandex fabric (even softer and smoother than our bean bags). When people felt the material in our stores or after purchasing a Cozybo, they couldn’t believe it. They thought they knew everything you need to know about blankets, but the Cozybo felt almost like a soft, cozy gel.  Cozybo was a hit and sold out within a few weeks. Since then we’ve been getting many calls from people asking “When is Cozybo going to make a return?” We’ve been working all year long to improve the new design and make Cozybo more durable with a patent pending technology.

If you haven’t felt a Cozybo yet, don’t wait. Come visit our stores and feel what awesomeness in a blanket is. We would even go out on a limb and say it’s the world’s best throw blanket!