1. Yogibo Reflecting on 2016

    Yogibo Reflecting on 2016
    As we near the end of the year it's always important to take a second to be thankful and appreciate all the blessings the past year has given you. It's equally important for one to look back at the year and recall all of the things that were accomplished and experienced! Maybe you hit a personal goal at the gym, or finally...
  2. Yogibo 2016 Holiday Shipping Map

    Yogibo 2016 Holiday Shipping Map
      Don't Wait Until It's Too Late! If you order by the date listed in your region, you will have your order in time for Christmas! Our awesome offices and employees are in full swing building your orders and sending them out! We thought we'd share this handy dandy map above to make sure you order in time! United States...
  3. Yogibo Holiday Gift Guide!

    Yogibo Holiday Gift Guide!
    Happy Holidays from our Yogibo family to yours! We've decided to make it a bit easier for you to decide which Yogibo gift is the perfect thing to gift that special person in your life.What you'll find here in this entry are our most popular items, organized by price from highest to lowest. Love an item and want to make a...
  4. 'Tis the Season!

    'Tis the Season!
    Boy, when they say the season changes overnight they aren't kidding! We're pretty sure we were literally just having a barbecue the other day and now it's nothing but Winter cold and morning frost! BRR! But you know what? Cold, chill and snow can't stop us from having a good time! Here's just a preview of all the fun things in store for...
  5. The Yogibo Study Guide!

    The Yogibo Study Guide!
    Well, here we are! More than half way thru the month of September. And oh how the norm has changed: homework, tests, mountains of school books, the list goes on!  And you always end up studying at the kitchen table or at your desk on an uncomfortable chair where you can't be engrossed in the lesson because you're engrossed in getting a...
  6. Hugibo's Yogibo Crash Course!

    Hey all you awesome people! Hugibo here, we're super close to launching my solo website so today I decided to get to know you all better by reading some Yogibo fan mail. And it looks like we have some here! Let's see... *struggles to rip open letter* Okay! This first one comes from Papa Georgio in Chicago. Papa Georgio writes- Papa Georgio, two things...
  7. PAX East 2015 Recap

    PAX East 2015 Recap
    One of the best ways we see Yogibo used is with gamers. By making very comfortable furniture that is also modular, we’re letting gamers choose the setup that works best for them. With all of the great feedback we receive from gamers, it was only appropriate we show it to a big audience. What better place than in our own...
  8. YOGIBBQ: Fun Summer Barbeque Recipes

    YOGIBBQ: Fun Summer Barbeque Recipes
    The summer sun is shining brightly and it’s time to hit the backyard for some good times with great people. And what goes better with backyard parties than summer barbeque recipes? We love nothing more than good ol’ backyard barbeque around here. So we talked three of our favorite Yogibo Employees/Chefs into giving us their BBQ secrets to share! Our...

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