1. Travel Season=The Travel Pillow

    Travel Season=The Travel Pillow
    We spend a good amount of time on this blog talking a mean game about the comfiest furniture you will literally ever find on this Earth (we can't speak much for Saturn's moon Titan or the surface of Mars though). Today we want to spend a 'lil time and focus on another area of comfort that is too often overlooked...
  2. Mama's Comfort Camp Loves Yogibo

    Mama's Comfort Camp Loves Yogibo
    Thank you, Yael Saar for this awesome product review... Posted on April 7, 2013 by yael I don’t get to rest on the sofa that often. Too many things to do; not enough time. Besides, our beautiful sofa is almost comfortable, but not quite. And now, I hardly bother with it anymore because of the Yogibo Max: a giant, shockingly...

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