June 21st is officially the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER and our swimming trunks are already packed, the sun tan lotion's been applied and we're ready to tear our hair out in fits of rage trying to find that perfect spot to park at the beach even though THAT RED CAR TOTALLY TOOK MY SPOT WHEN I HAD MY BLINKER ON THAT IT WAS MY SPOT EVEN THO-sorry. *whew* Didn't mean to get so heated, it's just that summer is only here for a short while and we love being outside more than anything!

So what's your game plan this year? Couple of barbecues on the beach? Maybe some grilling outside with the family over? Gonna finally get that tan you promised yourself you'd get LAST year? We think we have just the thing to kick off your summer right. We love our indoor line of Yogibo products because they're so darn comfy, colorful and fun. But what if you want to extend the party outside? It's no worries, we've got you covered. Our Zoola line of products takes all that comfy indoor awesomeness and turns it into comfy outdoor awesomeness. The Zoola line is water-resistant, UV-safe and oh SO comfy! Already own one of our bean bags? Simply pick up a Zoola liner for your existing product and get on outside :)


Zoola Max- Our Zoola Max is the outdoor version of our flagship bean bag, the Yogibo Max. The world's first bean bag with zero pressure points, that molds to your body and provides couch, recliner, chair, and bed seating all in one! There's lots of cover styles for all Zoola products, from Diamond (pictured) to Summer (pictured on Pod) to Marine (pictured on Pyramid) and so much more!

Zoola Pod- The Zoola Pod is the perfect one seater when chilling outside. Conforms to your body and surrounds you in delightful, comfy goodness. Who needs a loveseat when you've got one of these bad mamma jammas?

Zoola Pyramid-  This little guy packs a comfy punch. It's lightweight, extremely portable, and the perfect companion for your next camping trip, tailgating party, or barbecue!

There's just a few ideas for you to start cooking with, we think you'll love these fashionable, comfy additions to your outside-summer-life. Just try not to rage too hard when you're finding parking at the beach. We're still trying to calm down after that. Think we might to take a breather in the Zoola Pod...